MacMost Now 117: How to Connect Your Mac to Your XBox 360

Gary Rosenzweig looks at how you can use your XBox 360 to view video and listen to music that is stored on your Mac using Connect360.

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    16 years ago

    Hi Gary - Great tip!!!

    But can you stream to a Wii. I really want to stream movies - i see there is an app that uses flash but it looks a bit clunky. Is there any software that gives an apple Tv type experience?

    Keep on truckin,

    16 years ago

    i didnt hear you say '.avi' or 'divx'

    will it play those?

    16 years ago

    kkff: Don't know. You usually wouldn't have those in your iTunes library anyway, so it won't be an issue for most Mac users. I guess you could just give it a try.

    16 years ago

    Jonnie: Have you tried "Wii Media Center X" or "Wii Transfer 2.6"?

    16 years ago

    Hi Gary, yes I have but on both of those it requires you to convert your videos to flash first. :-(

    16 years ago

    Jonnie: Interesting. I'll have to look into this. If I find a good way, I'll do a show on it.

    15 years ago

    It is easy to play DVD on Xbox 360 with Mac. When Xbox 360 was plugged into a Mac PC, the drive was detected instantly and even directed the DVD player in the OS to play the DVD movie. This is a step by step tutorial on how to play any video file on your Xbox 360 from your Apple Mac computer.

    Here are three steps:

    Step 1, Convert videos to mp4 format that compatible with Xbox 360 on Mac
    Step 2, Connect your Mac and Xbox 360 (Google "iSkysoft video converter for mac")
    Step 3, Play Video File on Xbox 360

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