How To Convert Words and Names To Values in Numbers With IF, SWITCH and LOOKUP

If you have names, product IDs or some other words and need to translate those to number values you can do it with the IF, IFS, SWITCH or LOOKUP functions in Numbers. While the first functions are good for small limited lists of values, only the LOOKUP function works well with a large list that changes often.

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    Bill Ferrol
    1 year ago

    Hi Gary, great stuff. To speed up copying formulae rather than double-clicking the top of the column twice, then deleting rows you don't need and finally pasting the copied formula/formulae, why don't you show hovering the cursor over the cells containing the formulae, then moving the cursor slightly over the top/bottom/side of the cell to display a yellow dot, then drag the dot that appears in the direction of the cells you want to fill? The formulae are copied in one click and drag! Regards

    1 year ago

    Bill: That method is only a but more useful if you don't want to fill every row. But why would you want some rows to not use the formula? That would suggest that your table isn't uniform: some rows have records of data in them and others do not, or are storing different types of records. Use another table if you have more than one type of record.

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