How to Customize Your Mac Desktop

There are many ways to customize how files and folders appear on your desktop. You can manually arrange them, or have them sorted automatically. You can change the size of the icons, the text, and the grid spacing. A new feature in macOS Mojave is to have similar files organized into stacks. You can also select what other icons, such as hard drives, appear on the Desktop.

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    5 years ago

    What Gary did not mention" You can (till) put your own pic on top of a file on the desktop. Use Shift+Control+Command to lasso an image into the clipboard, highlight the file or folder on the desktop, hit Cmd-i, highlight the image on top left, hit Cmd-V and the image is copied onto the file or folder icon.

    5 years ago

    Lorenz: Just not dealing with that aspect of it here. Talking more about organization. And that is something you can do with any file or folder, not just the desktop.

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