How To Delete Safari Bookmarks

While it is easy to add Safari bookmarks, it isn't obvious how to delete them since the sidebar doesn't allow you to select a bookmark for deletion. However, you can use the context menu to delete a bookmark from the sidebar. You can also use Edit Bookmarks mode to select and delete a single or multiple bookmarks easily.

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    Mark D.
    6 years ago

    Love your content. I watch every episode, and have been doing so for years, but I don't know many people that use the Control + Left Click to bring up the contextual menu. Right clicking on the mouse is the standard operating procedure for more people than to Control Click (I assume).

    6 years ago

    Mark: Consider that most Mac users don't use a mouse. For a decade now, MacBooks have outsold desktop Macs. And even many desktop Mac users go for the trackpad, not the mouse. You can still two-finger-click with a trackpad, but a lot of people disable that or switch to an alternative. Saying "control click" is the only sure-fire way to bring up the context menu no matter which input device you are using, and how you have your preferences set.

    6 years ago

    You can also drag out of the Bookmarks sidebar to delete.

    6 years ago

    I have accidentally dragged a favorite bookmark file from the favorites bookmark bar and heard it go poof and lost the whole file of bookmarks. Nightmare! when I have a good list. Is there anyway to find and restore these?

    6 years ago

    Susan: Like with a lot of things, you can undo it with Edit, Undo (Command+z). But if you have already done many other things in Safari, then you may not be able to anymore.

    A Lori
    6 years ago

    I just do the same thing I do for many other items to delete within a list, I just right click on the item to delete and select delete.

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