How To Fix These 10 Mac Finder Annoyances

There are many small ways to customize the Mac Finder that may get rid of small annoyances for some users. Check out these settings and techniques.

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    Tim A.
    4 days ago

    And Option-Cmd-I will get to the “Show Inspector” view from the keyboard.

    Victoria Hill
    3 days ago

    Thank you so much for this handy video Gary. I do so appreciate you. Whenever a friend has a mac issue, my response is always “Go ask Gary, at”. All the best. Vx

    ronald davidson
    3 days ago

    How would I FIND terminal commands hide desktop and return it ?

    3 days ago

    Ronald: Not sure what you are asking. Can you restate the question, maybe with an example. If it is something new, not related to this video, use

    2 days ago

    Too much to remember. If I hide anything I’ll forget I have them! Great ideas if young and remember everything. Not so great when older.

    1 day ago

    Always amazed when I learn what a Mac can do, thanks to you. : )

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