How To Get Twitter Followers

What’s the point of tweeting if no one if listening? Getting people to follow you on Twitter is a great way to expand your network of friends or make a name for yourself. You can use a variety of techniques to get more followers.
Of course it goes without saying that you have already contacted your real friends and made sure that they are all following you on Twitter. This will make up your Twitter base and get you started. Then you probably want to expand by contacting business associates and people you work with. But after that, you’ve got to reach out beyond your current circles. Here are some techniques to use to get people to follow you.
Work on Your Profile: You can’t expect people to find or follow you without a good, informative profile and a nice profile image. Make sure you have both in place before trying anything else. Also include a Web link in your profile to your blog or personal home page. If you don’t have one, make one. Let interested people find out more about you.
Follow Them: When you find someone you want to follow you, the first thing you should be is follow them. Chances are that they will get an email notifying them that you are a follower, and they will check you out. Then, hopefully they will follow you back.
Reply to Them: Even if someone isn’t following you, but you are following them, you can send a tweet starting with their Twitter ID as a reply to something they’ve said. This works well if they ask a question, like “What’s your favorite Twitter client” and you hit the reply button and tweet back “@rosenz Favorite Twitter client is X”. Chances are that they will see your reply and maybe check you out to see if you are worth following.
Tweet About Hot Topics: If you want people who like a topic to follow you, tweet about that topic. People performing searches on topics will find you and will end up following you back.
Ask a Friend: If you have a really good friend on Twitter that has a lot of followers, ask them to tweet about you and include your ID. Note that this is a really big favor and you should only ask if you feel you are close enough to the friend for them to help you out.
Show Your ID: If you have a blog or Web site make sure you put your Twitter ID with a link to your Twitter account page on that site. Seems obvious, but there are many people who don’t do this.
There are many other ways to find followers as well. But remember that it is quality, not quantity, that you really want. Better to have 500 engaged and interested followers than 50,000 who don’t even notice your tweets.