MacMost Now 119: How to Make a Video Podcast

Gary Rosenzweig briefly looks at what you need to do to make your own video podcast and publish it on iTunes.
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Hi this is Gary. On today's episode of MacMost Now let's take a look at how to video podcast.
While Apple treats audio and video podcasting in much the same way for the end user, you get them through iTunes and you can watch or listen to them on youri iPod and iPhone, but if you're producing them video podcasting is a very different thing.
Now if you're doing a video podcast, of course you're going to have to record video. You can do this through a video camera in two ways; one way is to record directly onto the tape or hard drive of the video camera. The other way is to record through the video camera onto the computer through a firewire interface. To do that you're going to need a piece of software on your computer to record the video, and you can use iMovies if you like or a more complex piece of software is Final Cut. Both of these of course will allow you to edit as well. I use a specialty piece of software, called WireCast from Vera Software, that allows me to record video and to add things like these titles later on if I want to during the recording. Then latter on I take it into iMovie for editing. So then you have to take your whole video and edit it down. You can do that in all those different programs, but no matter what you use you're going to make sure that you export your final product into a format that can be used on the iPod. Now for instance, in iMovie we've got right here a different set of settings when you just say share and export and you have tiny, mobile, medium, and large. You can go ahead and select medium which will optimize it for iPod, and even though it says not for iPhone it is actually optimized for iPhone as well and it will play back on iPhone it's just not optimized for mobile playback on iPhone. And that same thing will work on Apple tv, computers, and also on YouTube, another place you may want to upload your video podcast to.
Now once you have your video you want to go ahead and create a podcast blog in much the same way as I suggested in the previous episode of MacMost for audio podcasts. Now for video podcasts you have to worry about where to store the video because these files can be pretty large and if you store them on a regular web host you can get hit with big bandwidth charges. One place I love to use is so at you can host your video and do it for free or rather inexpensively depending upon what you choose. And also it can create the blog for the podcast automatically, including an RSS feed that you can send right to iTunes. So check them out. The other places you may want to host your video of course are YouTube, but you can't host a podcast there you can. only host the web video there. But there are plenty of other sites that you can do it through as well, so you want to shop around and find out what works best for you.
Once you've got that done, you want to submit to iTunes. iTunes is definitely the number one place where people find pod casts. So you want to sign into your iTunes account, add a podcast, submit your RSS feed and then have iTunes pick it up. At this point you're also going to want to make sure that you have really nice icons and things that look good compared to the other podcasts in your category in iTunes.
I'll be doing an episode later this week on some of my secrets of podcasting, for tips once you get going. I'll also be attending the New Media Expo in Vegas this week, so if you're there look for me or you can follow my activities at the conference at my twitter account, Gary Rosenzweig. Until next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    11 years ago

    I’m not interesting enough to have my own Podcast but I must say I’ve always wanted to know how it was done. I know you’re just giving the basics but I’m enjoying your “How To” report.
    Thanks for a cool set of episodes for the newbies!

    10 years ago

    I am a bit stuck…..I am at the point where I have all my episodes but I can’t get the right RSS feed. I use and I don’t know where to get the RSS feed from the website of my show. My show on there is called Song Lyrics if that helps in any way.

    Please reply, I am stuck!


    P.S. I commented on your YouTube video latey…..

      10 years ago

      Log on to your account. In the sidebar, click on Publishing. Then click on iTunes. The link to your RSS feed is specified right there.

    9 years ago

    always check who owns what you upload and what the distribution rights are to your work. I would recommend somewhere like Amazon S3 as compared to an advertising network. cheers

    8 years ago

    Do you have a way of creating a podcast from your iphone? or any tips for iphone video and editing.

      8 years ago

      A video podcast? Well, you can definitely shoot video, edit it in the iMovie app, and then upload to YouTube. There are apps that do it for other services. For instance, you could use one of the ones that uploads to and then have your account at Blip set up as a podcast. That would work. So, yes.

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