MacMost: Podcasting

Using the iOS Podcasts App
The Podcasts app in iOS 11 allows you to subscribe to podcasts, download their episodes, and listen or watch them. You can browse the iTunes store for shows and grab an individual episode or subscribe to the whole show. You can set up the app to download new episodes automatically. You can create a playlist, called a Station, to group together new episodes of shows and have them ready to listen to when you want to enjoy your podcasts.
MacMost Now 265: Making the MacMost Now Video Podcast

Gary Rosenzweig talks about the software, hardware and Internet services he uses to produce and distribute the MacMost Now video podcast. See the full post at for links.

MacMost Now 199: Video Sharing With mDialog
In this MacWorld Expo special, learn about mDialog, a video sharing solution that works well with Macs, iPhones, iPods and Apple TV.
MacMost Now 177: Setting Up a One Channel Microphone
Often when you plug in a single-channel microphone you will only get sound in the left or right channel. Here is how to set it up so that the sound goes into both channels.
MacMost Now 139: Converting Video to MP3 Audio

Gary Rosenzweig looks at two ways to convert video files to mp3 audio files so you can listen to them on audio-only devices. The first method uses QuickTime Pro and iTunes. The second method uses FFMpegX.

MacMost Now 138: Managing Podcasts in iTunes 8
Gary Rosenzweig looks at how to manage podcast subscriptions in iTunes 8. You can now manage your subscriptions on a per-podcast basis in iTunes 8.
MacMost Now 121: Video Podcasting Secrets
Gary Rosenzweig shares some of his best tips for creating a video podcast. Advice about green screens, HD, editing, community and motivation.
MacMost Now 120: Favorite Podcasts
Gary Rosenzweig talks about some of his favorite podcasts, including This Week In Tech (TWiT), Geek Brief, Slashdot Review, Tech5, Net@Nite, Grammar Girl, Chillcast, Pop Candy and more.
MacMost Now 119: How to Make a Video Podcast
Gary Rosenzweig briefly looks at what you need to do to make your own video podcast and publish it on iTunes.
MacMost Now 118: How to Create Your Own Podcast
Gary Rosenzweig briefly goes through the steps to create a basic audio podcast. You must first set up a blog, then create the audio content, then link the audio to the blog posts, and then publicize your RSS feed.