How To Make Multi-Column Documents In Pages

You can create multi-column documents in Pages in either word processing or page layout mode. Using multiple columns in word processing is just a matter of a single setting, but you can adjust the columns as you wish. You can even have sections that use different numbers of columns. Page layout documents use individual text boxes that can be linked to form versatile columns. There are many reasons to use columns, such as to create a newspaper-style layout, wrap text around images, or fit long lists on to few pages.

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    5 years ago

    Thank you, Gary! Another super-useful one. I'd never tried the Page Layout method before, but it's a really cool way of customising the document/column layout. I see some newsletters in my future!! 😊

    5 years ago

    I’ve been using Pages for years, and this is the most helpful Pages episode I’ve watched. I’ve tried to find the columns settings before and just given up and created a multi-column table to achieve a similar result. This seven-minute video is going to save me hours of frustration.

    Jan Franklin
    5 years ago

    In columns in Pages, is there a method of filling the columns by going from left to right instead of having to fill the first column before going to the next column...or is this a method using tables as in TextEdit?

    5 years ago

    Jan: It sounds like what you want is indeed a table. You can do those in Pages too.

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