MacMost Now 798: How To Not Miss Posts On Facebook

Have you ever missed a post on Facebook simply because Facebook didn't show it in your 'Top Stories' list? You can avoid this using one of two techniques. The first is to simply switch to viewing your Most Recent posts instead of Top Stories. But you can also create a custom list that includes some or all of your friends and bookmark that so you can view everything without missing a post.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let's take a look at how to view Facebook without missing anything that your Friends post.

I don't get asked many questions about Facebook but when I do it is usually about this topic. It's when you miss something that someone has posted on Facebook. You find out about it later and you realize you never saw it when you went to view your Newsfeed on Facebook.

Well, this is because Facebook doesn't show you everything. When you view the Top Stories on Facebook you only see a selection of what's available. Presumably this is because otherwise there would be a ton of stuff. But some people don't mind looking at a ton of stuff and just don't want to miss anything that their Friends post. So let me show you some techniques.

So say you are viewing your main page here at Facebook and you notice in your status updates that you are not seeing everything and you probably shouldn't see everything unless you only have a few friends. The main way to deal with this is to look in the upper right hand corner at the Sort button right there and click on that.

Then what you see appear is two options; Top Stories and Most Recent. Now the default is Top Stories but if you switch to Most Recent you will instead get a very ordered list that will include typically more than just Top Stories. You won't miss as much. It is the simplest and quickest way to basically change how you view things on Facebook and see more of what your Friends post. But it may not be exactly what you are looking for.

Instead of doing this, you can also try this. Go down on your left to Friends and click on Friends. Then you get a list showing different groups, different lists of your friends. You will have some there by default like Acquaintances and Close Friends. But you can also create your own by clicking Create List.

Then you will get something that looks like this. You will give it a List Name and you will be able to add members by typing their name. So what you want to do is give it a list name like Everything or All My Friends or something like that. Or My Main List or Viewing List. Then under Members just add one to start with. So add one friend to it so you get the list going.

Then when you have done that you will look down on the left, under Friends, and you should see that listed there. So you want to click on that to go to this list of friends. You are going to get basically something that looks like your main newsfeed but instead it is showing a list of updates only by that one friend that you have listed.

So now click on Manage List on the upper right and here is where you can do several things and most importantly at the beginning you can click on Edit List. When you do you will get a list with thumbnails of all of your friends and you can go and add them to the list. So the first thing you do is click on the popup on the upper left as I have here and select Friends. It will show all your friends here. You can search in the box as well. You can go through and add as many of them as you want or in fact just add all of them and then hit Finish there on the bottom right hand corner.

You can also use this Manage List popup here to show what you want to have in this list. For instance you can turn off things like games or music and videos and just leave things like photos and status updates so you can kind of further customize the list.

Now you don't have to create lists with everyone. You can create a selective list or a whole series of them. For instance your work friends and your high school friends and your neighborhood friends. So you can basically look at different lists at the same time and you can also further customize them to maybe have one list that has everything with every possible category and another that say just lists photos or just lists status updates. So there is a lot you can do with lists. But to create an everything list now you should see everything that everybody posts and you won't miss anything. You will have a lot more to look through but at least you will know it is all there.

If you are on the iPhone or on an iPad, you click here in the upper right hand corner, you can see that little icon there, to reveal this list to your left. You won't need to do this on the iPad, only on the iPhone which has limited screen space, and from there you can select the list and view it.

Now additionally in your web browser you can go to the everything list you created. Notice at the top you have a unique url that has this long number in it. So you can bookmark this page. So instead of having to go and find this page everytime you go to Facebook, instead create a bookmark, put it in your bookmark's bar, do whatever you want with it and create this link directly to this list. So instead of viewing Facebook as you would normally just at instead go to this link and it will take you right to this list showing all the posts by everybody.

So there's a handy technique for being able to view all the posts from all your friends on Facebook.

Until next time this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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