How To Record a Video Diary On Your Mac

You can record a simple video diary on your Mac using your built-in camera and the QuickTime Player app. When you save the video, you can export it as a lower-resolution video to save space. You can use the comments field for the file to add comments and keywords. Save these to a folder and you can easily view them in a list by date.

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    12 months ago

    thanks for this …. simple but useful

    Larry Carver
    12 months ago

    When recording with the built in camera on an iMac, is there some way to limit the recording area. When I record a video it covers too much of the room and I want to have the focus on me, like your corner image.

    12 months ago

    Larry: When I record for my video, I get a lot more. Then I crop it out (inside Screenflow) to get the square you see. Search the Mac App Store for “Webcam Settings.” It will do a little bit of a zoom for you if you like. But if you are recording for use in something else (iMovie, FCP, etc) then you usually just crop it at that point.

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