How To Take a Screenshot On an iPhone or iPad

To capture your iPhone's screen you must use two physical buttons at the same time. Then you can let it save to the Photos library, or preview it and make changes like cropping, adding text and shapes and more. You can send the result directly to another app or save it as a file instead of to Photos. You can also capture the entire length of a document or web page.

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    2 years ago

    Hi Gary! You can also create the screenshot button from "Assistive Touch" -menu. I'm using "long press" -mode to take a screenshot. After that you can do the same things to the picture you took what you did in this video. I'm using 6s.

    2 years ago

    Hey Gary, similar to Kimmo, I use the back tap function (Accessibility > Touch > Back tap) on my iPhone 12. Triple tap on the back gets me a screenshot and double tap locks the screen. I find this far easier than pressing the two buttons.

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