How To Take Notes For School Or Work On a Mac

There are many ways to take notes with your mac whether it is in a school lecture or at a work meeting. You can use built-in apps like Notes, TextEdit or Pages. You can get third-party apps like OneNote, Noted, Bear or GoodNotes. There are many also ways to record audio while taking notes.

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    4 years ago

    Hey Gary, great post - one Notes app that smashes all of the alternatives listed is Devonthink 3.0 by Devon Technologies - it has powerful note taking, audio, pdf editor, mail - any file type friendly - as well as safari bookmarks, folders, tags, labels - you can have an encrypted database synced for accessing on other devices including iOS - and it's developer and support friendly - and automation friendly - incredibly powerful...

    4 years ago

    Gary, similar to Noted is AudioNote, also available in the App Store. In addition to text, you can draw and highlight – and the audio syncs with whatever you do. As a writer who does a lot of interviews I use it all the time.

    I also use a GoMic which, because it can be placed a cable length distance from the keyboard, eliminates the typing sound in recordings. Both AudioNote and the GoMic from Samson are highly recommended.

    Louise Kienast
    4 years ago

    I really like using audio in Pages. I tried it on my iPad Pro and recorded the audio here. You can't type while recording but later you can send the recording to Voice Memos and use split screen to type important points in the Pages document. I also like leaving my typing for later so I can concentrate on listening. Once i finish typing from Voice Memos I can either remove the audio in Pages or leave it connected to the document especially if there are sounds like music examples or bird calls.

    4 years ago

    Do you have any suggestions for a note taking program that can record and provide a transcription of the recorded material?

    4 years ago

    Fran: I doubt that is really possible. it is hard enough for a computer to transcribe your own voice when you are speaking clearly and slowly into a mic and reviewing each phrase as you do along. To do it with a distant voice that doesn't slow down and changes (facing different directions, etc) will be a mess.

    4 years ago

    I really love OneNote. Good feature set, intuitive UI and syncs between my Mac and iOS devices. My only gripe about it is it can be a bit slow to open and navigate when I want to just quickly jot down a note. Apple's Notes app is certainly faster in that regard.
    Something you didn't mention regarding the plethora of third-party apps but which should be a consideration : Is the app going to be around in five to ten years? Can you port your notes to something else if that's ever needed?

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