MacMost Now 195: iChat Speakerphone

In this MacWorld Expo special, take a look at the USB iChat speakerphone from
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On this episode lets take a look at a speaker phone built specifically for use with iChat.
So I came across a lot of interesting little gadgets at the Mac World Expo earlier this month. One of the cool ones was the TR10 Speaker phone for iChat from iPevo. It's a little speaker phone that you plug into USB, and you can also use it as a regular phone. It's got a bunch of interesting functionalities specifically for iChat. I talked with Caroline from iPevo about it.
So I'm here with Caroline from iPevo, and they have this cool iChat speaker phone, hooks a USB into your Mac and then you could, you can use iChat to, well you tell me about it.
Well it's really an application for anybody, who travels, who does conference phones and/or podcast as well.
Mm hmm.
So it's got a speaker phone so, you know, so that you can conference several people...
Mm hmm.
Say hi to the world. And then also you can switch it with a switch right here to handset if you wanted to have a private conversation. Sometimes you don't want everybody to hear what the other person has to say.
Mm hmm.
It actually has two microphones. Very few people know that. There's one right on top so that it's the best angle for several people to be talking around a table.
It also has one right on the bottom right here so that when you're in handset mode it picks up even more, like the higher quality sound.
Okay, and yeah, I see it's got like a little a ear...
piece right there, so...
So, you just hold it like that...
And then, so it's got a little driver. You can launch iChat with it, receive a call, end a call. And you can still record a conversation in Wav or an MP4 format, so that you can then email it or edit in Garage Band if you want to do a podcast.
Oh, excellent. Now where can you find it?
At the Apple store.
Oh, okay.
You can find it at Apple store, here at MacWorld and also on
Okay, and what's, what does it run?
Mm hmm.
Okay, great. Well thank you.
There we go. Thank you.
You can find out more at 'Til next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.