MacMost: Mac Accessories

Why You Should Never Partition Your Backup Drive
It is tempting to partition a backup drive so you can use some of that storage space for other things. But you should avoid doing so for two key reasons.
MacMost Now 794: Accessories For a New Mac
When purchasing a new Mac, you may want to pick up some accessories to go along with it. Which accessories you pick depends on your needs. A Time Machine hard drive is a must. Some people may want a printer, while other may want a scanner to go paperless. You may want to consider a network router, UPS or MacBook case as well. A set of EarPods can come in handy as a small headset for those that record audio or video or use FaceTime often.
MacMost Now 521: What Is Thunderbolt?
Take a look at Apple's new connection port, Thunderbolt. Now on all MacBook Pros, we'll soon find it on all Macs. You'll be able to use Thunderbolt to connect displays, hard drives, video equipment and other devices.
MacMost Now 433: Apple Battery Charger
Check out the new Apple Battery Charger. Since Apple now has several peripherals that use AA batteries, they have come out with an energy-efficient wall charger and a set of NiMH batteries.
MacMost Now 431: Magic Trackpad
Take a look at Apple's new Magic Trackpad. This stand-alone wireless device replaces a mouse and gives your desktop Mac a multi-touch interface like newer MacBooks.
MacMost Now 378: Uninterruptible Power Supplies
An Uninterruptible Power Supply is a great accessory for your Mac. It provides surge protection, protection against momentary power outages and gives you a chance to save your work if a longer power outage occurs.
MacMost Now 355: Sonos ZonePlayer
The Sonos ZonePlayers are devices for playing music from your Mac or streaming service through your home network. Take a look at the S5 and the ZP90 ZonePlayers and see how they work. You can also get a ZoneBridge to use your ZonePlayers wirelessly. Sonos Web site. Sonos at
MacMost Now 353: Magic Mouse Custom Gestures
Since the Magic Mouse's surface is one big touch-sensitive area, it was only a matter of time before third-party developers came up with solutions for adding custom gestures. By installing free and inexpensive system extensions, you can assign commands to various swipes and taps.
MacMost Now 343: Setting Up a Printer On Your Mac
It can sometimes be tricky to set up a printer on your Mac. Make sure you are buying one that is Mac-compatible and that you have a USB cable if you need one. Also, typically ignore the CD-ROM that comes with the printer and download fresh drives from the Web site. Check reviews and support sites for for tips and information.
MacMost Now 277: Using a Tablet to Write Text
With the Ink feature of Mac OS X you can use a cheap tablet and your Mac will recognize the letters you write as an alternative to using a keyboard. You can insert text and drawings into documents.
MacMost Now 241: Logitech Quickcam Vision Pro for Mac
MacMost reviews the Logitech Quickcam VIsion Pro, a USB web camera packaged specifically for Mac. It is a good replacement for the discontinued stand-alone iSight cameras if you don't have an iSight built into your Mac.
MacMost Now 201: NeatReceipts Update
In this MacWorld Expo special learn about the new Mac software from The Neat Company.
MacMost Now 195: iChat Speakerphone
In this MacWorld Expo special, take a look at the USB iChat speakerphone from
MacMost Now 191: Microvision ShowWX Pico Projector
In this MacWorld Expo special, take a a look at this tiny laser-based projector that is about the size of an iPhone and projects an image from an iPod or iPhone or any video source.
MacMost Now 190: 3D On Your Mac and iPhone Without Glasses
Spatial View's 3D screens allow you to view 3D images and play games in 3D without wearing glasses. A new iPhone will allow you to take 3D pictures and share them.
MacMost Now 186: HP MediaSmart Server
HP updated their home media server with Mac support including Time Machine backup over the network and iTunes features
MacMost Now 185: Intelliscanner Mini Scanner and Organizer
The Intelliscanner Mini is a tiny scanner that you can use to catalog your stuff or take it shopping.
MacMost Now 184: Ecamm Bluetooth Web Camera
The Ecamm Network announced a wireless web camera for Macs at this year's MacWorld Expo.
MacMost Now 177: Setting Up a One Channel Microphone
Often when you plug in a single-channel microphone you will only get sound in the left or right channel. Here is how to set it up so that the sound goes into both channels.
MacMost Now 173: Mac and iPhone Gift Guide 2008

Check out some gift ideas for Mac and iPhone users that cost less than $50: headphones, headsets, cooling pads, media readers and even a game.