iMovie Paste Adjustments

When you make a series of adjustments to a clip in the timeline in iMovie, it can be hard to replicate the exact same changes to another clip. You can use Paste Adjustments to copy one or all adjustments from clip to clip. This makes it easy to implement consistent settings across different parts of your project.
Video Transcript / Captions
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So let's say you're working in iMovie and you're using portions of the same video or similar video in different parts of the timeline. Like here in this timeline here I've got some video of some ducks, I have some other stuff in the middle, then at the end I go back to the ducks.

Now let's say I want to make adjustments to this video here. So let's go in to the Adjustments here and let's first suggest some color. I'm going to make it a little more blue. Make it look more like winter. Let's go and maybe do some cropping. So I'm going to do Crop to Fill and then I'll crop out a little bit there. Let's just say Change the Speed. Let's slow this down a little bit and make it more dramatic. Just 10%. You can see the increase in time here in the timeline because it's slower now. Let's also apply a Vignette filter. So now this is what we've got.

That's great but when we go to the ducks here at the end it looks like the original. Now I could go and reapply all this but that would mean I would have to go and say for the colors here I would have to get it exactly right or close enough anyway. There's a lot of different things that have to be taken into consideration.

It would be great if I could just apply the same filters here to here. You can. You can do that by first selecting this portion of the timeline here. Go into Edit and then Copy. Just a regular Copy. Then go here and go to Edit and Paste Adjustments rather than Paste. This will just paste the adjustments you made from the first clip to the last clip.

Now you can choose All which is what I'm going to do. But you could also just choose a specific adjustment that you made. You can see it recognizes the ones that you made here. The ones that are grayed out means you haven't made any adjustments to that. So you can have keyboard shortcuts for all this. Option Command V will paste all adjustments. If you just want to do, say, the color correction you can do Option Command C instead of Option Command V.

So you've got a lot of different ones you can do. This really actually makes it easy to do things. For instance if you want to apply the Vignette filter to lots of different clips in a very complex project you can actually copy from one and then use Option Command L to paste the clip filter for each one. So essentially turning Option Command L into a shortcut for the filter.

So let's try this now. I'm going to do Option Command V and you can see it increases the time because it slowed it down. It applied all the other filters as well. So now it looks the same as the first part.

This is a handy tool if you use iMovie a lot to really learn to understand the Copy and then Paste Adjustments to be able to quickly apply various adjustments across different portions of your movie.

Now consider, for instance, if I were to have these ducks appear thirteen times throughout the entire thing or at least nature shots that I want to apply some other things to. I've done all this and now I decide, you know what, umm, I'm going to adjust the color just a little bit here. Great. Now I've done that and it looks perfect but now this one is different. So I can do the same thing. Command C for Copy. Option Command L, or let's do Option Command V for everything. Now I can quickly apply to all. I can even select multiple videos. So I can select this one and apply it here as well. Option Command V and it applies the same filter to both of these. So you could actually work on one and then select All, with Command A, and apply it to all of them if you want later on or even Command click and deselect ones that you don't want it to apply to. Then Option Command V to apply.