MacMost Now 492: Importing DVD Video

You can import video from video DVDs using Handbrake. This free application will read DVDs and convert the video to formats that you can use on your Mac, iPhone, iPod or Apple TV. You can also edit converted videos in iMovie.

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    13 years ago

    Love your video on using Handbrake with the Mac. My question is do you have to use the file type as mp4? Any others you recommend? I was going to import it into iMovie...thanks

      13 years ago

      mp4 would be pretty standard. It would be your best bet for working with iMovie -- which pretty much uses mp4.

    Andrew Murr
    13 years ago

    Two Things.
    1 How do I download and install Handbrake. Where do I type in
    The address field or the search field?

    2. IS the DVD/CD Laser lens in an iMac, protected from dust. Only I am a bit uneasy about inserting a DVD Lens cleaner in my iMac. to clean the laser lens, That it won't eject, that the brushes on the disc may be caught in the Mechanism and damage the iMac. There's nothing in the iMac manual about cleaning the laser lens.

      13 years ago is a web address. Type it in your browser address field. Like you would type or
      I have never used a DVD lens cleaner in any Mac I have ever owned. Are you having issues? If not, then don't worry about it. If you are, then I would take it to a repair shop or the Apple store.

    13 years ago

    I burned some dvds from vhs home movies with a vhs to dvd recorder. Now I am trying to put them on my mac with the intent of using them in imovies. I have tried following the tutorial for handbrake but cannot get past the first step. When I insert the dvd it doesn't show up in the menu like the video shows. The dvd player begins playing it but that is the only thing I can seem to do with the dvd. Any ideas?

      13 years ago

      First, quit the DVD player so it is not using the DVD. Then, go back to Handbrake and click the Source button. It should be in that list.

    Frank Kowal
    13 years ago

    Since about the middle of Dec. I'm not able to watch your MacMost Now xxx (the x's stand for numbers). When I try it says "loading" and that is as far as it gets. Same thing if I get an itube url in the e-mail from a friend. - thank you, Frank

      13 years ago

      You mean YouTube? It sounds like you need to update or re-install Flash.

    13 years ago

    Hi! Great information you provide. Thanks. I am able to create the MPEG-4 video from my home DVD's; they play just fine. However, I can not get imovie to accept them by dragging in to the new project areas as I can other videos on my hard drive. Any help?

    thanks, JR

      13 years ago

      IMovie must not like something about the format or compression settings you are using. Try another setting. Start with something very normal like 720x480 h264 compression 30fps.

    Meredith R
    12 years ago

    Thanks! This helped me a lot!

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