iOS App Monitoring

Learn 5 ways you can monitor the apps on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 8. You can check to see how much battery each app has used in the last 24 hours or 7 days. You check to see how much storage space each app is using, and even delete some content for some apps. You can monitor and adjust the privacy settings to control what information apps have access to. You can also adjust the notifications settings for apps and see what is new for recent app updates.

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    Richard Greene
    10 years ago

    Excellent summary of how to take control of what the iOS is doing for its users. There is far more effort from iOS 8 apps to get me to turn on some battery draining feature. I understand that the developer wants me to get the most benefit from his app, but it should be my decision. Thanks very much, Gary. As always.

    bob weber
    10 years ago

    Really, really helpful. I've wondered if my battery was going out. Now it looks like a legion of apps are sucking out its vital body fluids.

    Gary Ward
    10 years ago

    Thanks, always learn something with your lectures!
    Are you going to have a book on IOS 8, I hope?

      10 years ago

      There will be an updated version of My iPad for iOS 8 coming out very soon, yes.

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