iOS Orientation Lock

If you think your iPad or iPhone is stuck in either portrait or landscape mode, it is probably because you have turned on orientation lock. Learn how to switch it off and why you may want to use it occasionally.

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    9 years ago

    Another very helpful tip. Thank you for helping me get so much out of my Mac

    9 years ago

    On my iPad mini 2 (retina), a tiny icon appears in the top bar whenever orientation lock is on.

    9 years ago

    I find none of the icons you mention when I go to Control Center vis settings.
    so I am unable to change the orientation from the home screen on my iPhone 6+.

      9 years ago

      On the iPhone 6+, it will show either the orientation lock in Control Center. But I don't think you can set the side switch to do it.

    9 years ago

    I have to say that Apple made this so confusing that even the Apple support rep on the phone couldn't figure this out. My camera was stuck in vertical mode and I didn't have the circle under control center on home screen. It was missing! When we looked in General, common sense, to me seemed like if mute was checked it was going to mute volume and I wouldn't hear any notifications so I had Lock Rotation checked instead. When the slider is on the iPad 3 is silenced, but when it's on I have sound.

    9 years ago

    For those that don't realize it you can temporarily hold the orientation of say a photo if you put your finger on the screen and then turn the phone.

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