MacMost Now 407: iPhone 4 Announced

Learn about the new iPhone, coming out later this month. Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 4 this morning with new features such as video calling, a 5-megapixel camera that does HD video, gyroscope, high density screen and more. The iPhone OS becomes iOS and version 4 will include multitasking. iBooks moves to the iPhone and will support notes and PDFs.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode, let's review the news from the World Wide Developer's conference where Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 4.
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So the big announcement today is of course the iPhone 4. Here, we've got a completely new design for the iPhone. It features a metal band that goes all way round the side and a glass front and back. Now, the metal band is cool because it's not only part of the casing, but it's also the antenna. One side has things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the other is the antenna for the wireless carriers. Hopefully, with the antenna being on the outside of the iPhone, we'll get better reception. So, let's start by looking at the screen. The old iPhone was 480 X 320. This one's exactly 4 times the size at 960 X 640. So, right off the back, apps are going to have a sharper text and show photos much better, and as app developers update their apps we'll be able to get much better graphics in them. Now, as expected the new iPhone is going to use the A4 processor from Apple. So you're going to get not only better performance, but longer battery life. And speaking of the battery, it's going to be a bigger battery in this one with longer life. So you're going to get several more hours of talk time and up to 300 hours of stand-by time. A look at the new gizmos in the iPhone; one is the gyroscope. This will give angular velocity and allow app developers to create more interesting games. Another is a second microphone that'll be used for noise cancellation. It'll listen outside of your voice to determine what noise there is in the environment and cancel it out, just like noise-cancelling headphones and some noise-cancelling mics on other phones. Perhaps the biggest news comes from the cameras in the iPhone. That's right. Cameras, as in two of them. The main camera is going to be a 5 mega-pixel camera capable of shooting 720p high resolution video. And in addition to that, you're going to have a new app that you can buy for 5 bucks. It's going to be a mobile version of iMovie. So not only can you shoot a high definition video, but you can edit it as well. You can add things like titles, transition, Ken Burns effect and you can export your video and upload it to various services. Now, the front facing camera, as you can imagine is used for video-chatting. And Apple's introducing a new feature called Face Time which will allow you to basically start a video chat with anybody you're talking on the phone to. You both have to have iPhone 4s. But you don't have to do anything else except press a button. And you both have to be on Wi-Fi as it doesn't work yet over the wireless networks. Apple's also going to be using standards when sending this Face Time video and they hope that other companies will adopt the standards as well, which means that we will maybe able to use our iPhone 4s to do video-chat with people on completely different phones or perhaps even on computers or other devices. Now, some of the expected news is that of a new operating system. We already knew that they were working on it and developers had it. They're going to call this iOS. So, instead of referring to as the iPhone or iPhone/iPod Touch OS, it's iOS and this is version 4. And it has the expected new features of multi-tasking, also being able to arrange apps into folders and things like having in mail threaded messages and inbox.
Okay, so when and how much? Well, the new phone comes out on June 24th in five countries including the United States. And it'll cost $199 for the 16 gig version and 299 for the 32 gig version. And that's of course assuming you've got an AT&T contract and they'll subsidize the price. You can pre-order about a week or so beforehand on the 15th. Lot of other countries are going to get it in the months to follow with a total of 88 countries by September. And in addition, Apple's going to keep the iPhone 3GS around a little longer as a $99 model. Now, if you have an older iPhone, you can also get the iOS 4. It'll work with the iPhone 3GS and in limited ways with iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. Besides all the iPhone stuff, Apple also announced that the iBooks will soon be updated. Not only will you get it on the iPad, but you can get it on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and anything you go buy on one will then be available across all your devices. In addition to that, it'll sync things like bookmarks and where you left off in a book so that you can pick up from reading from one device to the other. And in addition, you'll also be able to view PDF files in iBooks. That's a look at today's announcements. Till next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    I worked with Cisco IOS and when apple announced iOS I was wondering if there could be some legal matter with that, then I saw this. [that Apple has licensed name from Cisco]

    9 years ago

    I wasn’t an iPhone supporter so far, but when I heard about the specs of the iPhone. I start to think about buying one, when it gets out.

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