MacMost Now 162: iPhone OS 2.2 New Features

The update to the iPhone adds Google Maps Street View and other map features, the ability to download podcasts directly to the iPhone, and fixes and improvements.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. Well, Apple just released a new version of the iPhone operating system. Let's go in and take a look at what's new.
So this is version 2.2 of the iPhone OS. It's a pretty minor update, but there are some new features. For instance, there's a whole bunch of new features in Google Maps and there's the ability to download podcasts directly to the iPhone.
So the major addition to Google Maps is the addition of Street View. The way to use it is a little tricky because it doesn't appear right away. What you need to do first is drop a pin at the location where you want it to be. If Street View is available you'll get a little person icon to the left. Click on that and it'll take you right to street view.
We'll have to reorient the iPhone to take a look at it, but then you can look around in all directions just like you could on the web. They even give you a nice little radar map at the bottom right to show you what direction you're pointed in.
In addition to Street View, there's also the ability now to email a location to somebody or added it to your contacts. You can also get directions now for walking or for taking public transportation, not just driving.
So now we have the ability to download podcasts directly into iPhone. The way to
add a podcast is to use the iTunes app. In there you'll now see a category at the bottom
for Podcasts. Click on that and you'll get the What's Hot, Top Ten and Categories for all the podcasts available in the iTunes music store.
So we can go ahead and look at a Category, select the Podcasts, select the Subcategory, whatever we want; and then you can go ahead. When you actually...can list the episodes. There's a button on the right of each of the episode. You click on that and it changes to a Download button. You can click on the Download button and it will pop to the download section at the bottom right and begin downloading. Smaller podcasts will work just fine over the Edge or 3G network, but larger ones may require you to have a WiFi network.
In addition to some security improvements, there's also supposed to be some improvements made to the telephone portion of the iPhone. Calls will connect better and voicemail quality will improve.
There are a couple of other tiny, little improvements. Like for instance, now when you delete an application from the iPhone, you are asked to quickly rate that out.
Another thing that changed is that when you click the Home button on your iPhone while you're at say Page 3 or 4 of all your apps, it'll actually take you back to Page 1.
So the way to get this update is to sync your iPhone with iTunes on your computer.
It may automatically prompt you to add the update or you may have to click on the Check For Updates box if it hasn't noticed it yet. Then it will do an entire backup download of the new update and update your iPhone.
So take the time to do that this weekend. Until next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    10 years ago

    Apart from all the new updates, the Safari browsers have also changed. Now we have the google textbox next to it.

    Also in Applications, the icons have come for all the categories.

    10 years ago

    Thanks, most helpful

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