MacMost Now 797: iPhone Panoramas

With iOS 6 you can take panoramic photos using an iPhone 5, iPhone 4s or the 5th generation iPod touch. Panoramas can be used to capture a landscape, but they can also be used for up-close wide or tall shots. They work best if objects are not moving, but can tolerate some movement. Since they are a composition of several photos, they are more detailed than a single shot. You can use panoramas to create some interesting photos.

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    11 years ago

    I admit I don't take many photos with my iPhone, and may be doing something basically wrong, but did want to try doing a panorama. I attempted to (hurriedly) take a pic of a community orchestra from the podium right before a concert (so everyone was dressed up and lit on the stage). But the resulting picture was way overexposed. I'm guessing this was because my starting point for the panorama was relatively dark, and became brighter as I turned towards the majority of the group. Any comments? Is there any exposure compensation during the panorama process, or does it need to be limited to relatively evenly lit subjects?


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