MacMost Now 480: iPhone Stocks App Alternatives

If you find the default Stocks app for the iPhone lacking, you may want to try some of these free alternatives. Each allows you to track your list of stocks. You can also get real-time quotes and news from your favorite financial news sources.

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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode, let's look at the alternative to the stocks app that comes with your iPhone. So many times I have been asked questions about the stocks app that comes with the iPhone. It's pretty basic and if you are looking for more, then you want might want to look at one of these free app alternatives. Now the great thing is that all these apps are free so you can try different ones out and see which one meets your needs best. I am going to include links to all of these at this post at So all of these allow you set up a list of stocks to watch. Here is one of those basic ones called Real Time Stocks and it allows you to create a list of stocks and you can get real times quotes and dig in for information like a chart. Back From the Street allows you to dig a little digger than that with some news and analysis. Back From Reuters goes even deeper with the news, giving you some general news as well and allows you allow to go and dig deeper with the information about the company as well. So each of these next apps has news from a specific source. For instance, CNN Money of course features all its financial news from CNN. If you prefer to get your news from Fox Business, there is also an app from them. CNBC is another popular cable network that has its own app with news and information from CNBC. CNBC app is very impressive and so is the Bloomberg app which you should check out as well. So for the last few, it comes down to which financial news source you like. I haven't mention them all so if you have a different favorite source, go and see if they have an app as well. If you like news from a variety of sources, here are a couple of apps for you. Here is the yahoo finance app and the thing I like about this one is it allows you to customize your screen with the stocks you want to track. So for instance, I chosen to have Google and Microsoft in very small boxes and Apple in a larger box with a graph and adobe down below with a larger box and some news, and you can add more to this page and scroll up and down on it. And you can also dig for more information. Another good one is daily finance from AOL which includes multiple news sources and makes very good use of the iPhone inter-phase, including some horizontal views, even a colorful view of graphs. I know I'm going to be asked this question. If you want to get rid of the defaults stocks app, there is no way to do it; you can not get rid of default apps, but you can go and create app folders and put the stocks app and maybe other ones you don't use and into the folder so they out of the way. I hope you like this look into stocks app alternatives for the iPhone. Till next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now.

Apps featured in this video:
Real-Time Stocks
The Street
Thomson Reuters News Pro
Fox Business
CNBC Real-Time
Yahoo! Finance
DailyFinance (AOL)

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    8 years ago

    What about apps for Forex (currency trading)? Any suggestions?

      8 years ago

      I don’t do any of that. But when I search for “forex” in the app store a lot comes up. I’m sure some of them must be good.

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