MacMost: iPhone Apps

Travel Apps
Before traveling it is worth thinking about adding some apps to your iPhone or iPad. You can download maps apps, language apps, apps with reviews and suggestions and also travel books. While in Tokyo, Gary gives some suggestions of the types of apps to look for and add to your devices before leaving home.
MacMost Now 890: Using Game Center
Game Center is a universal high score system provided by Apple that many app developers can use in their games. Once you extend your Apple ID to use Game Center, you can compete in high score leaderboards, challenge friends and register in-game achievements.
MacMost Now 888: Writing App Store Reviews
When you download an app from the iOS or Mac App Stores, you have the ability to then go back to the store and leave a review. Here is how to get to the review form. There are also some general guidelines you may want to follow when writing a review. Make sure you review the app, not the App Store system. If the app isn't the one you wanted, don't review the app based on your misconception. Also take price into consideration and don't use the review process as a way to get support from the developer.
MacMost Now 839: iPhone Time-Lapse Photography
You can use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to take time-lapse photography easily with the help of an app. You need to think about which device to use, and how to set it up. Then you have many choices to make in the app settings. You can get the app here:
MacMost Now 729: Sharing iOS Apps With Family
If you have several people in your household and want to share iOS apps between them, you can do it with iTunes Home Sharing. But turning on Home Sharing on each computer, and then authorizing each other to use purchased items from each others' accounts, you can drag and drop apps in iTunes. Then sync with your iOS devices to put those apps on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
MacMost Now 693: iOS Dictionary App
Check out this useful Dictionary app for the iPhone and iPad. You can look up words, hear pronunciations, and even look up words by speaking them. There is also a thesaurus.
MacMost Now 690: iOS Wallpapers With the Sticky Notes App
There are plenty of graphics apps for the iPhone and iPad that can make wallpapers for use as your lock screen or home screen background. But Sticky Notes makes it very easy to create lock screens that contain personal information, reminders or other messages.
MacMost Now 510: Free iPhone SMS Text Messaging Using Google Voice
Carriers charge a premium for text messaging bandwidth. But you can send and receive text messages for free using some apps. With a Google Voice account and the Google Voice app, you can send, receive and get notifications of incoming messages even when the app isn't running.
MacMost Now 485: Creating iPhone Photo Albums
Learn how to create and modify photo albums that will then appear on your iPhone in the Photos app. You can create them using iPhoto on your Mac, or folders with subfolders on your Mac or Windows.
MacMost Now 480: iPhone Stocks App Alternatives

If you find the default Stocks app for the iPhone lacking, you may want to try some of these free alternatives. Each allows you to track your list of stocks. You can also get real-time quotes and news from your favorite financial news sources.

MacMost Now 476: iPhone Weather App Alternatives

If you don't like the default Weather app that comes with the iPhone, there are a number of alternatives in the iPhone App Store. There are several free apps, as well as some more advanced paid apps. You can also use a local app or visit a weather web site.

MacMost Now 450: iPhone HDR Photography
Check out the new HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography feature of the iPhone 4 and iOS 4.1. The iPhone takes three versions of the picture with different exposures and combines them to make the best image.
MacMost Now 432: iPhone Camera Apps

Take a look at five camera apps for the iPhone 4 that help you take better pictures and apply special effects and other elements when you are done. Learn how to two panoramas, time delay shots and time lapse.

MacMost Now 421: iPhone, iPad-Only and Universal Apps
Now that there are many different devices that run apps, it can be difficult to determine which ones work on the iPhone, the iPad or both. There are three basic types: iPhone apps, universal apps and iPad-only apps. Learn how to tell the difference and decide which to buy.
MacMost Now 419: iMovie for iPhone 4
Take a look at the iMovie App for the iPhone 4. You can string together clips, trim them, add transitions and titles and export. But you must choose from a limited set of themes and only ;use video taken with your iPhone's camera.
MacMost Now 348: Arranging iPhone Apps with iTunes
Learn how to use iTunes on your Mac to arrange your iPhone and iPod Touch apps. You can move them between screens and decide which ones sync. You can get Gold Strike at the App Store.
MacMost Now 318: iPhone Maps App
Learn how to use the iPhone's Maps app to search for stores, get directions, plot your current location and more. The iPhone Maps app has been a part of the iPhone since the beginning, but it keeps getting better. Find out what it can do and how easy it is to use.
MacMost Now 300: Talking With iPhone App Developers
Interviews with iPhone app developers from the 360iDev conference. The developers talk about their apps, what they like about making iPhone and iPod Touch apps, what they don't like, and how others can get started in the business.
MacMost Now 275: 11 Free iPhone Apps To Get You Started

The best thing about the iPhone is that you can add third-party apps to it. Find out which apps you should add to your iPhone right away. Here are 11 free iPhone apps to get you started. You can search for product and resaurant reviews, check movie times, update your Facebook page, read books, draw pictures and even talk to your iPhone.

MacMost Now 273: iPhone MobileMe iDisk App
Check out the new iPhone app from Apple that allows you to access the files on your MobileMe iDisk. You can view files, share with friends and even store some locally for viewing while offline.