Is It Safe To Download Third-Party Mac Apps?

You may want to download third-party (non-Apple) apps for your Mac from time-to-time. When doing so, it is important to keep safety and security in mind. Four rules will help you stay safe when downloading apps: Don't get an app unless you really need it, get it from the Mac App Store if you can, only get an app if you trust it, and only download from the app's official site.

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    6 years ago

    Thanks for this - useful info. But I have a query about your Rule #4 ... I nuderstand there are some weird and dodgy download sites out there but would you also advise against using reputable ones like or Are they really risky?

    6 years ago

    Norman: I would not download from those two sites you have mentioned. One, at least, is now commonly known for adding other software to the downloads. And WHY anyway? Why would you even consider downloading from somewhere other than the actual developer or publisher website? Nothing to gain and everything to lose.

    6 years ago

    Excellent advice Gary. Many other sites also have "red herring" download options for cleaners, antivirus and malware products. Stick the apple if you have an apple.

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