MacMost: Security

How To Lock iPhone Apps With Your Passcode
By using a Shortcuts automation, you can make it seem like one or more of your regular iPhone or iPad apps are locked and require your passcode to access. This low-security technique could prevent others from gaining access to important apps.
Look Out For These Online Payment System Scams
Many of today's scams involve online payment systems like Venmo, Zelle and Apple Cash. These are all legitimate ways to send and receive money, but can be used by scammers because they are quick and completely online. Learn what scams are common so you know what to look out for.
How To Prevent Watch-And-Grab iPhone Theft
If you are worried that someone can watch you enter your passcode on your iPhone and then steal your iPhone from you, then here's how to protect yourself.
What To Do Before Handing Your iPhone to a Cashier, Ticket-Taker or Police (Revisited)
Take a more detailed look at how to set up Guided Access in case you need to hand your iPhone to someone temporarily so they can see some information. Learn how this keeps you safe and in what situations you may need to use this.
Mac Lock Screen Settings
A new System Settings panel in macOS Ventura gives you control over when your Mac locks and what appears on the Lock Screen. It is important to review these settings and set them up to be as secure as possible for your situation.
5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be Using a Password Manager
If you still aren't using a password manager, here are 5 reasons to start today. Password managers will keep your online accounts safe by using strong unique passwords and warning you of potential problems.
13 Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your iPhone
Here's a list of things you should check for on your iPhone to make sure you are protected in case it is lost, stolen or someone tries to steal your information.
Do You Need To Secure Wipe a Mac Drive?
When you sell, donate or recycle a Mac, you should absolutely erase your drive before it leaves your possession. With orders Macs that use spinning hard disk drives, you should secure erase it. But for newer Macs with solid-state drives you can't secure erase and it really isn't necessary. In most cases your old data was encrypted anyway.
5 Reasons Why Keeping Your Passwords In Notes or a Document Is a Bad Idea
Many people keep their passwords in a note or a Numbers or Pages document. This is a bad idea, but not for the reason you probably think.
Protect Yourself From These 5 Apple-Related Scams
Don't fall for these 5 Apple-related scams. Be careful when you get alarming emails, check carefully before buying a used Mac, don't assume everything you see on your screen is offical, and more.
Add Notes To Passwords On Mac And iPhone
A new feature in macOS 12.3 and iOS/iPadOS 15.4 is the ability to add notes to password entries. You can use this to store extra information about an account, or to create secure text notes inside of the iCloud Keychain.
Apple ID Account Recovery Methods

If you ever lose your Apple ID account password, you can recover it using one of three methods Apple provides. By default you can use their recovery service which could take a lot of time. But you can set a Recovery Contact to let a trusted person help you recover your account, or you can set a Recovery Key as the ultimate secure method of recovering your account.

Why Won’t My Password Work?
We've all at one time or another entered a password into a site only to be told the password is wrong. Let's explore all of the reasons why this can happen and learn what to do next.
How To Secure Your iPhone Before Handing It To Someone
If you need to hand your iPhone to a ticket checker, cashier, security guard, or police officer to show a document or your ID, be sure to use Guided Access first, to lock the iPhone into that one app and restrict access. You can also use Guided Access to allow children to play games on your iPhone or iPad.
Setting Up Automatic Two-Factor Code In Safari
Safari 15 allows you to save a key and get two-factor codes for Google and many other services. This allows you to not only fill in IDs and passwords for sites, but the two-factor verification code as well. No need to pull out your iPhone or use another app.
4 Ways To Store Secure Notes On a Mac
If you need to securely store information that is not a password, like a safe or padlock code, pin number, or anything else, you have several options that don't involve third-party apps. You can save the information as a fake password, create a secure note in Keychain, create a locked note, or save an encrypted document.
3 Ways To Generate Random Passwords On a Mac

If you need to create a random password outside of Safari or another password manager, you can use a variety of techniques. You can use the Keychain Access app, some Terminal commands, or even make your own Automator action to generate one on demand.

The Practical Guide To Mac Security: Part 20, Erasing Your Mac

Check out the rest of the videos in this special course: The Practical Guide To Mac Security.

If you are going to sell, give away, recycle or pass on your Mac to someone else, you want to make sure you sign out of all of your accounts and completely erase the drive on the Mac.
The Practical Guide To Mac Security: Part 19, Touch ID

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Touch ID makes it more convenient to log on to your Mac and perform other tasks. By making it easier it encourages more people to use stronger account passwords.
The Practical Guide To Mac Security: Part 18, Private Browsing

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While private browser windows are a good privacy feature, they don't protect you from malware, account break-ins, or other security issues.