June 2009 WWDC Keynote Announcements

WWDC Keynote play-by-play:

10:00 Keynote starts with PC guy introduction.
10:01 Phil Schiller comes on and gives some basic stats about Apple developers.
10:05 Will tell us about Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch today. Starting with the Mac.
10:08 New MacBook Pro announced. 15 inch screen, unibody, built-in battery with 7-hour/5 year life. Includes an SD card slot as well. New, better display.
10:10 3.06 GHz dual-core processor, up to 8GB RAM, 500GB HD or 256GB SSD.
10:11 Low end will be $1,699, mid-range will be $1,999, high-end will be $2,299.
10:12 New 17-inch model also, for $2,499.
10:13 MacBook Pros available today.
10:14 New MacBooks. New 13-inch display. Same 7-hour batter and an SD card slot. Adds a Firewire 800 port!
10:15 This 13-inch MacBook is now also called a MacBook Pro and starts at $1,199 going up to $1,499 with options. Available today.
10:15 New MacBook Air. Price drop to $1,499, with $1,799 option. Processor now at 1.86 or 2.13GHz. $1,799 inlcudes 128GB SSD drive.
10:20 Now summing up Snow Leopard.
10:24 All about refinements. Finder re-written faster and less clutter. Installs faster. Less space taken up with OS. Drawing Chinese characters.
10:25 Safari 4 live today. Available for Tiger, Leopard and Windows. Allows a plug-in to crash without crashing the browser. Faster JavaScript.
10:27 New QuickTime X. Faster, color correction, HTTP streaming.
10:28 Demoing new features of Snow Leopard: Stacks now scrollable, subfolders inside of Stacks. Looks like lots of improvements to Finder QuickView and viewing images and videos in the Finder.
10:30 Improvements to Expose. Now in the Dock, better window organization, can work inside a window while still in Expose mode.
10:35 Safari 4: Search within text of pages in your history.
10:37 Talking about Snow Leopard being 64-bit and using multiple threads to take advantage of multiple processors (Grand Central Dispatch).
10:41 Mail, iCal and Address Book all support Microsoft Exchange, even things like meeting invitations. Requires Exchange server 2007.
10:46 Snow Leopard will cost $29! Family pack for $49.
10:47 Near-final developer preview available today. Will ship in September.
10:49 Now talking about the iPhone.
10:56 Highlighting new features of iPhone 3.0: copy and paste, shake to undo, landscape mode in Mail, Notes and IM. Also MMS (later this summer for AT&T), search calendars, notes and mail, rent and buy movies.
11:02 Tethering your iPhone to your Mac is now supported. You can use the iPhone to connect your Mac to the Internet. But AT&T in the U.S. will NOT support it.
11:05 Safari on the iPhone will support HTML 5.
11:06 Find My iPhone will be a new MobileMe service. It will allow you to locate your iPhone from any Web browser. You can send your iPhone a message, too. You can also send a remote wipe command.
11:10 Now talking about in-app purchases. Only allowed in paid apps, so free apps can’t trick you into paying.
11:11 Apps can now connect to external devices via dock or Bluetooth. Apps can now connect peer-to-peer. Developers can now access Google maps in their apps.
11:12 Push notifications can send alerts, sounds and change icon badges.
11:15 Game and app demos that use the new features.
11:24 TomTom showing off turn-by-turn directions app. Uses text-to-speech and will be out this summer.
11:40 Lots of other demos: scientific sensors, zipcar app, guitar controller, etc.
11:43 iPhone OS 3.0 comes out June 17.
11:44 Free for iPhone users, $9.99 for iPod Touch users.
11:47 New iPhone.
11:48 iPhone 3GS with new internal parts, but same form.
11:49 New 3MB auto-focus camera.
11:51 iPhone Camera will now record video too. 3fps, 640×480. Can edit videos on the iPhone. Can send to YouTube, MobileMe and over MMS.
11:54 Support for voice dialing and voice commands.
11:55 Digital compass.
11:57 Now iPhone supports data encryption.
11:58 New battery gives 9 hours of network, 10 hours of video, 30 hours of music and 12 hours of 2g talk time (5 hours at 3g).
11:59 New iPhone ships with iPhone 3.0 and 16GB for $199. $299 for 32GB version. Existing 8GB iPhone 3G will be $99.
12:01 iPhone 3GS available June 19 in US, UK, Canada and others. Other countries a week or more later.
12:05 That’s it!

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    Dave Taylor
    6/8/09 @ 12:27 pm

    splendid job live-blogging this, Gary. wish I was sitting next to you in California, but I’m holding down the fort here in Colorado instead. Grab some schwag for me, eh? :-)

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