Learn About Mac Image File Formats

When dealing with image files on your Mac, it is useful to know the difference between JPEG and GIF files, what HEIC or HEIF files are, what RAW means, and when to use a PNG file.

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    2 years ago

    I like to use screen shots but recently I've been unable to paste them into documents. Has Apple changed something about how to use them?

    2 years ago

    Carolyn: No, no change. What are you doing, exactly, to copy them, and what are you doing to paste them? In which app? Should work flawlessly.

    2 years ago

    hey Gary, if I email a HEIC file to a Windows user, will they be able to open it? You mentioned some apps convert on the fly, but I'm wondering if that's what happens with email. thx

    2 years ago

    Nick: You have to assume not. So make sure when you send it via the Mail app, that it is converting it (check the pull-down menu on the right).

    David Marquez
    2 years ago

    So is it Gary, or Jerry (GIF)?

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