Learn How To Use Mac Keynote In 5 Minutes

Keynote is a free app from Apple that you can use to build presentations. Learn the basics of adding slides, text, images, transitions and more in just 5 minutes. Also learn how to customize how you present with the Presenter Display and slide notes.

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    5 years ago

    More great tips. What are the options for showing on another screen. Is there a feature similar to Chromecast to present on a TV?

    5 years ago

    Gene: Sounds like you are talking about AirPlay. You can AirPlay from Keynote, other apps, or just mirror your screen. But like Chromecast needs a Chromecast device on the other end, AirPlay needs an AirPlay device, like an Apple TV.

    4 years ago

    How does a person get that Keynote Apple App?

    4 years ago

    Richard: If it isn't already on your Mac, then get it from the Mac App Store.

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