Long iPhone Lines Made Up Of Only New Users?

When I started making the video today about the iPhone lines, I wanted to find both people that were upgrading from an existing iPhone and people that were getting their first iPhone. I thought it would be hard to find the later. I mean, if you find it worthwhile to wait in line for an iPhone, wouldn’t you have already had one 6 months or a year ago? Shouldn’t the line people be the early adopters?
But no, the opposite was true, I had to try really hard to find someone who had an iPhone already. Most of the people, inclusing those at the front of the line, were buying their first iPhone. So that meant that of the 500 or so people that waited in line all day last year, perhaps only a handful came back for another line. At the same time, Apple did a good job of hyping this launch, to get the new users onboard.
A geekier reason may have been that iPhone 2007 users may have wanted to wait to update their old iPhones to the 2.0 OS before they deactivated. That was my only hesitation on buying a new iPhone right away.
Update: Cali and Neal from Geek Brief told me the same was true for their line.