Mac Calendar Repeating Events

You can set events to repeat weekly, monthly or annually in Mac Calendar. You can highly customize these settings to do things like having an event repeat the second Tuesday of every month, or every Monday and Thursday. See all of the options available.

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    Mark A
    8 years ago

    Wicked. I didn't realize the OS X calendar had so much customizing available. But it does annoy me to no end that this level of functionality isn't baked into the calendar app on iOS. I make most of my calendar items on my phone, where this level of control would be so much more useful.

    Come on Apple!

    8 years ago

    I prefer email alerts & wish I could set them up as a default. Any ideas?

    8 years ago

    Brad: I like email alerts for some things too, but no way to set a default, you just have to choose it each time.

    Paul G
    8 years ago

    What would be really useful is something that Outlook already has. Let's say I'm changing the furnace filters every two months but I don't get to it on the assigned day. Once I've marked the task complete, then I want the next two month interval to start at that day. That is very useful for many household chores that one can't complete at the exact assigned day.

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