Mac Calendar Repeating Events

You can set events to repeat weekly, monthly or annually in Mac Calendar. You can highly customize these settings to do things like having an event repeat the second Tuesday of every month, or every Monday and Thursday. See all of the options available.
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Hi, this is Gary with On this episode let's look at setting repeating calendar events and reminders.

So you may already know how to create an event in Calendar. There are lots of different ways to do it. You can use the plus button up here, you can just double click inside of the date and then name the event and set the time. Then you can also set Repeat here. There are a lot of different options.

Many of these options are not available if you are using iOS but if you're syncing with iCloud, like you should be, then you can set these repeatable events on the Calendar app on your Mac and then they will show up and work properly on iOS.

So here, under Repeat, I can have it set to None, just a regular event. I can have it repeat Every Day at the same, Every Week on the same day at the same time, Every Month on the same date at the same time or even Every Year.

For instance if I change it to Every Month I can set an end date. So I can say, oh I only want it to go to end of this year or next year. Something like that. So you have some options.

You can also go to Custom and you can really customize it here. So you can set it to Monthly and you can actually change it and say I want this to be every other month, or every third month which could be really useful for lots of household chores and tasks and things like that. I can have it be, say, multiple days. So I can say I want it to be every month, and I want it to be the 3rd, the 19th, and the 23rd of every month.

Or I can switch away from that and say I want it to be on the first Tuesday, or first day, or first weekday, or first weekend day. Also the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and last. You really have all the options possible here for customizing how things will repeat.

So let's look at some examples. Suppose, for instance, I want to set it to weekly and I want it to be every week, so every 1 week, on let's say both Monday and Friday to remind me to do something. You can see it does it like that. I could change that by clicking on it and change it to something like annually. So, every year and I can have certain months I want to select.

Say I wanted to do it a quarterly kind of thing where I wanted it to remind me to check my smoke detectors in the house. So I can say January, April, July, and October on the, let's say, first weekend day. So the first Saturday of each of these months to remind me and then I can set it with an alarm to remind me to do something to say check the smoke alarms.

It works out really nice that I can be able do this and customize things so precisely here so that I can have these repeatable events in the calendar as just one thing here.

So let's say I've done this. I've set this up. Let's take a look here and find out what we've got going on. So, here we are. October 1st, check smoke alarm. Great. Let's go here to January and there it is. January 1st which is a Sunday. Check smoke alarm. We look in April and April is also the first day on a weekend. If we go to July we also have that on Saturday.

Let's say that I want to turn this off after this date here. So I can actually select this and hit the Delete key on my keyboard and I'm going to say Delete Only This Event. So, for instance, I'm not going to go and do it this time. Or I can say Delete All Future Events. So now that one is gone and any ones in the future. But if I go back I can see it is still set for July 1st.

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    Mark A
    3 years ago

    Wicked. I didn’t realize the OS X calendar had so much customizing available. But it does annoy me to no end that this level of functionality isn’t baked into the calendar app on iOS. I make most of my calendar items on my phone, where this level of control would be so much more useful.

    Come on Apple!

    3 years ago

    I prefer email alerts & wish I could set them up as a default. Any ideas?

    3 years ago

    Brad: I like email alerts for some things too, but no way to set a default, you just have to choose it each time.

    Paul G
    3 years ago

    What would be really useful is something that Outlook already has. Let’s say I’m changing the furnace filters every two months but I don’t get to it on the assigned day. Once I’ve marked the task complete, then I want the next two month interval to start at that day. That is very useful for many household chores that one can’t complete at the exact assigned day.

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