MacMost Now 38: Mac Drawing Programs

Gary Rosenzweig and Eve Park take a look at two programs for the Mac that allow you to draw. The first is Eazy Draw, a vector drawing program. The second is Doozla, a drawing program for kids.
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Hi, this is Gary Rosenzweig, with MacMost Now. If you just bought a new Mac, you get a lot of good software with it, for instance you get the entire iLife suite. Which allows you to do a lot of cool things. One thing that is not there is a drawing program. If you simply want to draw and spend all your money on something to get a full version of something like photoshop or Flash or Illustrator. You could go ahead and get one of the many drawing programs for the Mac that are out there. We caught up with two vendors that sell software that allows you to draw. One for adults and one for kids. Let's go and take a look first at Easy Draw. A full feature vector drawing program that allows you to lots of things the big software packages do.
This is Eve Chart, with MacMost. And I'm here with Dave Matson, who makes Easy Draw. So, why don't you tell me a little bit about it.
Well, Easy Draw is a easy to use drawing program. It's a Vector drawing program. "okay." And it's designed just for a last tip. So, it doesn't run on Windows or anything else. And it's a cocoa apps, so it's a new modern LST 10 user interface.
So, how does it converge to other more expensive Vector drawing programs?
Well, a professional artist would use Illustrator, or a professional architect would use Vector Works. But if I'm an average guy and I want to add a deck on the back of my house, Vector Works is way too complicated, too expensive. But EasyDraw can do a very nice drawing for your deck. Or if I need to do a little small illustration and I have little bit of artistic talent, I can use Easy Draw, and get my drawing done.
So, what are some of the tools that make it so easy to use, as opposed to....
Well, that would be mainly OS-10, you know, cause a lot of apps you bump into, you know, are still craving apps. And there basically, the user interface is from the 90's, and it's been forwarded and brought up but Easy Draw started the first line of coat, the first coat on Easy Draw was done on OS-10, and that's all that we design for. See, if we designed for a couple of platforms, we'd have to scale back to the lowest common denominator. But with OS-10 so far out in front,that's, it's pretty much it's key feature.
And when did you release it?
Easy Draw has been kicking around for four or five years. But we get the whole question of where have you been? So, you know, here we are.
Easy Draw cost $95 to download. There is also a $20 option used for limited amount of time. There's a free trial. Go to That's Eazy Draw with a Z dot com. Now if you got kids, you know that they love to use the computer to draw. Well, a great drawing program for kids is called Doozla. And it's from Plasq Software. We caught up with them at Mac World expo as well. Let's take a look at Doozla now.
Hi this is Gary Rosenzweig, with MacMost Now. I'm here with Keith from Plasq and they have a bunch of different PC software for the Mac. A new one called Doozla for kids.
Yeah, it's a kids drawing application. For the young kids and it's nice and simple.
Why don't you show it to use?
Sure. This is Doozla, it's a full screen application. And it has some ways to get started, to inspire them to start drawing. So, for example, they can start coloring in, could choose a cool character. We've got lots of included artwork. Lots of simple drawing tools, nothing to confuse them. Or. But still it's quite a lot of options. They can draw all kind of ideas. I don't know. I'm just fooling around here. They can also draw on a blank page, if they just want to get their ideas down. We include a bunch of backgrounds, if they want to put there characters in a scene, for example. And also if they want to take a picture of themselves.
Through the eyesight.
Through the eyesight.
There you go. Excellent. Cool. And what age is this for?
We kinda think 0-7, but we're wanting to know what people think. Kids these days are pretty savvy. So, We'll see what they can do.
Doozla cost $25, you can find it at plasq with a q dot com. You can also get a free trial there. Later this week, I'll be answering viewer questions, so if you've got a question for me, e-mail me at questions (-at-) Until next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.