Mac Numbers: New Filter Options

Numbers version 11.2 adds the ability to filter by unique values, fin duplicates and distinct values. Quick filters are also improved with a more comprehensive checkbox system. Learn how to search for duplicates that include several columns with a function.

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    Michael Miles
    3 years ago

    Looking for app at i can use on my MacBook pro, ipad pro and or iPhone to track my bills and spending each month and tips on how to use the app.

    3 years ago

    Michael: You could always create a spreadsheet for that if you like. There is even a template. If you search for "budget" in the App Store, a few apps appear but I've never used them.

    3 years ago

    hi Gary, I meant to post this in the Database video but missed the opportunity. I've used Excel forever and have tried to start using Numbers but still not comfortable with a few features, one is the way Numbers highlights the rows and column headings. If I have a table with column headings but no row headings, would I leave the highlighted row headings blank? thx

    3 years ago

    Nick: If you don't want to use a header row, you can just remove it.

    3 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    Great overview of the new filters. My challenge: I have a Numbers file of 300+ people invited to an event. I now need to contact those who haven't yet registered. I have a separate Numbers file with those who have registered. I combined it with the full list and then Filtered for Duplicates to identify which people on the full list who have registered. I need a quick way to remove them so I'm left with the only people who haven't registered. Any suggestions?

    3 years ago

    Grant: Use Is Unique instead of Is Duplicate.

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