Mac Window Positioning Tips And Tricks

Learn how to position and resize windows on your Mac by dragging the top, sides and corners of a window, and what various modifier keys do while dragging. You can also double-click, use snapping, and use hidden menu items to quickly move and resize windows.

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    Jeff Harrow
    6 months ago

    Gary, Running 10.15.5 on a MacBook Pro, when I hover the pointer over a window’s green button the only visual change I see is the “expand” icon within the green button — I can never get it to display the “split view” menu when I hover over it. I do recall once seeing such, but nary a one in site in recent memory. Might I have somehow disabled the function? Any Idea which one? Or how otherwise to re-enable it. Thanks!

    6 months ago

    Jeff: Try it in different apps. Maybe the app you are trying it with is doing something different? DO you see these items in the Window menu at least?

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