MacMost Now 28: MacBook Air First Look

Gary Rosenzweig gets his hands on the new MacBook Air ultra-thin lightweight notebook computer at the MacWorld Expo.
Video Transcript / Captions
Closed captioning for this video is available on YouTube: MacMost Now 28: MacBook Air First Look.

Alright so here it is, the new MacBook Air. Let's take a look at how thin this thing is. Look at that. Wow. That's pretty thin, and closed, crap, it is really thin, and it's got a really nice curved edges, like it curves around on the inside. I really like how that goes. It doesn't snap together anywhere, it kinda just fits together and stays shut. It's really nice. I like that. So the keyboard is very much like the modern Mac keyboard, just like I thought it would be. Nice square keys, it feels really good. Here's the track pad. The track pad is extra big, it's huge. It's got a long narrow bar at the bottom.
Alright so here's a look at how it will actually work like the iPhone a little bit, you can actually pitch and zoom in on photos like that, so it's kind of neat, gives you a little navigation window there. Really like how that works, and it makes good use of this large track pad right here.
Let's look at the ports. Where are the ports? The little ports, they drop down here. That tiny little thing, drops down, and there's the USB, the, I guess that's the mini video, that's the headphone jack, that's kind of cool how that works. It's got sort of rounded little feet here, little vent down there. It's got, here's the iSight camera, very tiny. And I'm not really sure where they hide the speakers on this thing. It's really good. It's got a neat Mac Safe adaptor. Oh no, that's separate right here, fits right in. it's so thin and tiny but I can see how it gets thicker towards one end. Right there. It's thicker at this end, thinner at that end. Very light and compact, and the screen is very ice and bright as well. It's pretty cool. Pretty neat machine.