MacMost Now 61: MacMost iPhone Pages has a variety of pages just for iPhone users. We've had iPhone games since the launch of the iPhone, we added an iPhone guide recently, and just launched a page of free iPhone ringtones. This video and most of our others are also available in special iPhone format.
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Hi this is Gary Rosenzweig, you know when the Iphone was released Steve Jobs said" the main difference between a regular smart phone and the Iphone was you can surf the real web" and sure enough you can do just that using safari and a lot of people have been doing it. According to sources like Google and other places, people on the Iphone search the web way more than people on any other mobile device. As a matter of fact so many people come to are actually using an Iphone and not a Mac so we've created a lot of special sections for Iphone users. Let's take a look at them on this episode of MacMost Now.
Gary: So the first thing I'm going to tell you about is the special homepage of MacMost for Iphone users. is where you can find it and this features the current edition of MacMost Now but in 3GP format which is really small, it's usually 1 of 2 megs and very easy to download even over the AT&T Edge Network. You also get links to all the other videos kind of in a linear blog format and all the blog posts specially formatted for the Iphone screen. Check this out as a place to start.
Gary: So by far one of the most popular sections is the Iphone game section, and you can find that at and here you've got a bunch of different web apps that area ll games we created. You can go ahead and browse through 2 pages of games and when you find one you think you might like you can go ahead and just click on it and play. They're all completely free to play and they're all pretty easy to get into. There's something for everybody, some Word Puzzles, Picture Puzzles, a few Arcade Games, a whole bunch of different things. So yo u can go ahead and check it out.
Gary: There's such a great demand for information about the Iphone that we just decided to make an Iphone Guide, and it's a huge collection of blog posts about the Iphone, kind of like a mini book if you will. You can find it at and when you look at it on the Iphone it's all formatted for the Iphone and you can find a whole bunch of different articles here. There's even some tips for the Iphone experts, you'd be surprised at what you may learn.
Gary: Our latest section is the Iphone ringtone Section, a recent update to the Iphone allows you to make your own ringtones in garage band, but not everybody knows how or has the time to make their own ringtones. So we decided to make all these different collections of ringtones for you to go ahead and just download and use. You can go and browse the section, its at then you can go ahead and add just one sound and bring it into Itunes and let it sync with your Iphone, or you can go ahead and subscribe to an entire category of sounds and it will automatically add them to your Itunes collection of ringtones and then it will automatically transfer them to your Iphone. Then you can assign them to various callers or as your default ringtone. Check it out.
Gary: Now all this content is available of course for free at, if you've got ideas for content we can add for other Iphone users please let us know, also of course when the 3rd party applications are released in June we hope to have some of our own ready to go. Until next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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