MacMost New 668: Combining RSS Feeds In Safari

Learn how to take multiple RSS feeds and view them all on one page in Safari. You can create your own custom page of news from sources you like to read. You can also search this page to find articles to read.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. In today's episode I'm gonna show you how to read Safari to read news from multiple websites and see them on one page.
So the idea here is to use RSS feeds. Which are feeds of headlines and news summaries from different websites and combined them so you can actually read articles from different websites in one place. You can do this in Safari without having to know anything about servers or creating web pages or anything like that.
Let me show you. So the idea is to create a folder full of bookmarks and each bookmark is going to be an RSS news feed. Now by default it usually already has one called news. There's a bunch of stuff in there. So we are basically creating something like that but with our own selections. To make it easier we are going to CTRL click here in the bookmarks the top and create a new folder. So we are going to call this um, 'my news' and now we've got it right here and there is nothing in it. Now we are at this news websites. We are going to click on the RSS feeds here and jump to the top stories RSS feeds for this site and then we are going to add bookmark for this RSS feed. We are going to stick it in the 'my news' folder there. And now we've added it. Now under 'my news' we can see we've got that one news source.
Let's go to another news source. And do the same thing. We'll see that RSS button appear here. Almost e very news website has an RSS button there. And when we click on it, in this case there is only one feed, so it doesn't give us a choice there. It goes to the RSS feed. Now we'll add a bookmark for that. Make sure that it's in the same place 'my news' and add it. Now we can see under 'my news', we've got two sources.
Now to view all of them at one time we can simply select this folder and go to view all RSS articles. And now what we are going to get here is a combination of news articles from CNN and New York Times. We can go ahead and add in all sorts of other news sources. So you can do say top news or tech news or if you've got, certain interests you can just go to websites that deal with that interest and create a folder like this with RSS feeds with all of those. And simply go to that one page to read all the news for all of those sights at one time.
Now you don't have to place this in your bookmark bar. You can go to show all bookmarks and you can organize them there. let's go and bring this up here so we are not looking just at the cover flow. We can see on the bookmarks bar we've got 'my news'. We've got sided. This is where you can go in an edit or delete it or change the name. We can then drag this somewhere else. Like completely outside of these corrections and into bookmarks and then access it from here. So for something you are rarely going to use you might want to put it there.
And one of the really cool things about doing this is that on the right here you can see you get search options. And you can sort by different things. And do different time spans all sorts of things. But you can also just jump if you just want to look at the CNN articles for instance or I could go back to all. You can also update it instantly by clicking on the update now button. So it's really interesting here if you wanted to search for stuff going on in Congress. Just type Congress in there and you will have all of your news sources searched right in here and that's one page.
It's a part of Safari that people don't generally use but, it can come in very handy if you like reading news articles on the internet.
Until next time this is Gary at MacMost Now.

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    Mr Anthony Cotton
    7 years ago

    Thats really good i never new what a RSS Feed was until now. Just one thing can you do this on the Snow Leopard System. Gary.

    7 years ago

    I’m using Snow Leopard. I created a My News folder in the Bookmark Menu and went to a website with an RSS feed. When I clicked RSS I got a drop down menu with two options. I selected the option called [x] “Browse feeds in Safari bookmarks,” but then I got another drop down menu with a “Collections” column on the left side and a “Name” column on the right side. In other words, I’m not seeing what you described on the video. Guidance please. Thank you.

      7 years ago

      I don’t have a Snow Leopard computer handy. Try a different site. Try different things. It is just a matter of getting to the RSS feed itself and then bookmarking it. I can’t remember Snow Leopard’s Safari RSS capabilities offhand, sorry.

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