MacMost Podcast 8/23/07

In Episode 20 of the MacMost video podcast, we look at John Lennon coming to iTunes, EA games on the Mac, say goodbye to AppleWorks, and Gary disses iMovie 08.

We give a quick tip on how to set browser font sizes. Katie Bevard introduces us to The Next Internet Millionaire podcast in our Podcast Salad segment. Gary introduces Bumpercar 2, a kid-safe browser. And we ask the color of the first iMac in our MacMost Loot contest.

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    C. Bolick
    17 years ago

    WHERE HAS MOLLY GONE?????? current host are ok, but we love Molly.

    17 years ago

    Hey C.
    Molly will return for the Sept. 6th Podcast. We miss her too.
    She also hosts the Women of Warcraft Podcast so check her out at :
    A gurls got have a vacation!
    Jay Shaffer

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