MacMost Top 10 Videos Of the First 10 Years

Gary takes a look back at the top videos of the first 10 years. He comments on how the topics addressed have changed since the original videos were made and how macOS, iOS and apps have improved since then.

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    Linda Taylor
    7 years ago

    Thanks Gary, I still personally refer to some of these videos and often refer folks from our senior center to them. You're a wonderful instructor who doesn't waste time!!

    David Leyshon
    7 years ago

    Good morning Gary,

    Is there a complete list of all your excellent tutorials that I can access as I require info.?

    Regards, David Leyshon.🤓

    7 years ago

    David: Yes. Look in the right sidebar. The "Videos by Category" link gives you all of them broken down by category. The "Video Archive" is a chronological list. Of course, the Search box at the top is probably the best way to get to a video as it gives priority to more more recent videos. You don't necessarily want to watch an 8-year-old tutorial as it probably isn't relevant today.

    B.A. Mann
    7 years ago

    As a Mac user since 1985, I've seen reliable Mac advice venues dwindle. Yours remains one of the few great and reliable sources. Your videos have helped me innumerable times. I promote your site to other Mac users every chance I get.

    Larry Mortimer
    7 years ago

    Thanks Gary, you've taught so much and we appreciate it.

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