MacMost Now 660: Magic Move and Anagram Transitions In Keynote

Two transitions in Keynote allow you to animate between similar slides. The Magic Move transition will animate the positions between objects from one slide to the next. This give you infinite variation and also allows you to create simple motion graphics for use in videos. The Anagram transition allows you to create an interesting build between two pieces of text.

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    12 years ago

    Hi, I truly hope you can help me!

    I am trying to import a quicktime movie into Keynote. The movie is about 3 minutes. The first 30 secs has video plus audio; the middle section is all audio and the last 20 secs is video plus audio. The middle section follows the slides I created on Keynote. To resolve the issue of hearing 2 audio tracks, I turned down the volume on the videos which worked but my lips are slightly out of sync. A few other issues came up: 1. When I started to play with transitions, I would lose some text or images 2. My video in the 1st section stopped playing too soon. 3. Some of the slides are now blank when I play it even though the images and text are still there.
    Perhaps there is a simpler way for me to accomplish what I am trying to do...use some life video footage combined with slides and an audio track?


      12 years ago

      I would keep working with it. Maybe start over. It looks like you just need to get the hang of it. The one piece of advice I have is that if the 3 minute video is divided into different things (30 secs, then audio-only, then 20 secs) then I would chop that into 3 different videos and put them on 3 different slides.

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