MacMost Now 200: Make 3D Timelines on Your Mac

In this MacWorld Expo special, learn how to make 3D timelines using software from Bee Docs.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Gary Rosenzweig: Hi, this is Gary for MacMost Now. On this MacWorld Expo special, let's take a look at Bee Docs 3D Timeline software for your Mac.
So if you give presentations a lot, either for business or for education, every once in a while you decide you want to put a timeline in it and it's always pretty difficult to do. But Bee Docs is something that makes it easy. I caught up with them at the MacWorld Expo.
Adam Baranger: Hi, I'm Adam Baranger of Bee Docs and I'm here at the Bee Docs Timeline booth at MacWorld 2009. We've got a software that creates timeline charts. So you enter in historical events and dates and the software will automatically chart those events on a timeline.
You can drag in photos and media to your timeline and you can present your timeline with a 3D flyover.
We originally designed the software for lawyers to use as trial exhibits but now education is our biggest market. A lot of writers and business people and presenters also use our software.
Basically whenever someone is trying to present the story and the relationship between the events in the story then they'll use our software to present the timeline.
Besides entering in your own custom timelines, you can also automatically create timelines from the data that's already on your Mac. For instance, song you recently listened to on iTunes, it will import those along with the cover art and plug it into the timeline, if will play it on iTunes.
It will pull in your photos from iPhoto based on the date they were taken. You can do log feeds, RSS feeds and it will automatically build a timeline of your log along with pictures for the log or iCal or address book.
Then once you have a really great timeline you can share it with other people using our software and an Apple remote or you can export it as high definition videos and send it to the Apple devices or even make keynote presentations for your timelines.
Here's an example of a timeline that a customer sent me. This is actually a school teacher in France. This timeline is a timeline his students made; it's a timeline of World War II and they created it Bee Docs timeline and they imported it. And for each one of these events, a school student is narrating the event. They've also brought in archival photos and archival sound clips for each of them. It was a really beautiful, the presentation in iMovie and the audio edited in iMovie and the video timeline made in Bee Docs timeline.
Our software is a really focussed application on making beautiful timelines and making it really easy to create them. But we've also made -- it's designed to be a part of the whole Mac system so it works really well with iMovie and Keynote and Aperture and all of the other applications that you're already familiar with on Mac OS 10.
Bee Docs timeline is $65.00 on our website at and there's also a free trial available that will do everything that the software does except export present timelines.
Gary: The thing I like most about Bee Docs is it integrates really well with different Mac stuff like Keynote and also you can go and grab things like RSS feeds and turn them into timelines pretty effortlessly.
You can find out more at Until next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.