Make iOS iBooks to Read To You

While e-books in iBooks are not supposed to be a substitute for audiobooks, it is possible to get iBooks to speak text to you. If you select enough text, you can make this an occasional alternative to reading with your eyes.

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    Kay Fisher
    7 years ago

    I use Settings/General/Accessability/Speak Screen. It reads all the pages - not just the one you start it on. Plus it is easier to stop and or change the speed.

    Gurumarka Khalsa
    7 years ago

    Once set up in accessibility, any book or screen content can be read easily. To access the super useful and easy menu from most apps, just swipe down form the top of the screen with 2 fingers. Note the menu even lets you speed up or slow down the pace.

    7 years ago

    I agree with the 2 other folks who have beat me to the answer/suggestion. It is as they have said, including the 2 finger swipe. Works beautifully for me. And you can even control the playback speed. Of course, when it reads it does make some silly mistakes such as in the ebook "Right ho, Jeeves" by P.G., the 1st chapter is titled (?) -1- which it reads as 'minus 1'. :)

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