MacMost Now 580: Making Text Easier To Read

If you have trouble reading text on your computer screen, there are lots of ways to adjust the size of text on web pages, email messages, word processing documents and other applications. You can quickly adjust text, even just temporarily with keyboard shortcuts, without changing the text itself, just how it is displayed to you.

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    13 years ago

    Many thanks for this one Gary,
    I have an I-Mac 20 and I do a lot of typing in pages. I will now use these methods instead of sitting very close to my screen. Macmost is great and if was not for Macmost I think I would have sold my Mac by now.
    Thanks once again.

    13 years ago

    Gary, I like to use the "reader" function to enlarge the text when in safari. You don't get the full effect of the webpage but the text is much easier to read.

    13 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    You advise not to alter the native resolution but give no explanation. I count myself lucky to own a 27" iMac but alter the resolution to 1920 X1080 or 1600 X 900. This ensures all toolbars etc can be read by my 70 year old eyesight.
    Great shows, keep up the good work.

      13 years ago

      The reason is just quality. There are actually 1920 pixels across on your screen. If you set it to 1600 pixels, then 5 pixels of graphic display are stretched to 6 pixels on the screen. So instead of each pixel being the exact color it is supposed to be, it is a mixture of two or three pixels in that area.
      I suggest that it is better to use native resolution to get a clear view of graphics. Then to use the techniques in the video to enlarge text. In cases where toolbars are hard to read, get used to using the zoom feature I mention.
      That's just my suggestion for getting the best of both worlds: crisp, clear graphics and the ability to read small text.

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