Merge Folders Keeping Latest Files

The Merge function in Sierra's Finder will allow you to merge two folders, keeping the latest versions of each file. The trick is to arrange the folders so they have the same name and use a temporary folder to place them both into.

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    7 years ago

    What happens if the folders you're trying to merge contain subfolders? Do the subfolders get merged as well?

    7 years ago

    Phil: Good question. Create some sample files (TextEdit documents will do) and try it to see. Report back.

    Mary Travis
    7 years ago

    I tried following your instructions to merge two folders, however I did not get the box stating they will merge. Instead I got a box which said it would replace (and it did). No merge resulted.

    7 years ago

    Mary: First, are you using Sierra? Second, are you doing it the same exact way? If you simply try to drag and drop files into a folder, it won't work. You have to move one folder into the same location as the other just as I do in the video. Watch it closely. Also, if there is nothing to merge (no additional files) then replace is the same as merge.

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