Missing iPhone Apps

So, with about 500 iPhone Apps available, you’d think we’d have a little of everything. But there are plenty of duplicate applications, like Sudoku, and tons of Apps that just mimic what we already could get from Web sites.
Here are some iPhone Apps that I thought someone would make for the launch, but they just aren’t there:
1. GPS Gadget: Just a geeky read-out of your location in latitude and longitude, maybe with a little memory so you can track a path. Basically, what a GPS device did 10 years ago, before they had maps. It would come in real handy for hiking and GeoCaching.
2. USB Keyboard: The iPhone has a dock, which goes to USB, which can then go to a USB keyboard with a little cable adjustment. It would be great to bring a super-thin Apple keyboard along and take notes at meetings and conferences without dragging along the MacBook.
3. Skype VOIP: I know they can’t make this work over 3G for legal reasons, but it should at least be available for WiFi. Another app exists that has you pay for calls. Yuck.
4. iPhone Camcorder: You should be able to record video with your iPhone’s camera.
5. Telnet/SSH: Every Webmaster gets a little uneasy when they are out of reach of a way to access their server through ssh. The “Terminal” application was my favorite on the SideKick, even though I never used it. I just liked knowing that I could get in if I needed to. There could also be a ton of uses for this very simple App.

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    7/14/08 @ 7:22 pm

    Good review!
    Quick, simple, pointed out the main differences and test results and thats it.
    Just what a buyer or up-grader needs.

    7/15/08 @ 10:28 am


    I agree we need more GPS apps however you can use the iphone for geocaching right now by entering the coordinates in the search field of google maps. it will then place a pin on the map for the coordinates you entered. keep up the good work from a fellow coloradan.

    7/16/08 @ 7:55 pm

    You are a big screen sharing fan, Gary. Any chance that we will see a screen sharing app that will connect our iphone with our macs. Boy, I would like that!

    7/17/08 @ 6:42 am

    I want mms. Why have they not gotten this right the second time around. Transfering mp3, pics by Bluetooth

    7/18/08 @ 12:26 pm

    There are some, sort of. Nothing as cool as Mac-to-Mac screen sharing, tho. My favorite is:

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