MacMost Now 89: NeatReceipts Review

Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at NeatReceipts, a scanner and software that lets you digitize and organize receipts, bills and other documents.

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    16 years ago

    Do you think one could do the 7 years of tax returns and supporting docs required by the IRS? What about genealogical documents (not pictures)?

    Is it faster to use than a regular scanner? Or is it the software that's so good?

    16 years ago

    I think you could -- at least it would be better than any other method I could think of. You can scan and save any sort of document, so I suppose it would be useful for genealogical stuff too.
    The scanner is about the same as any other -- I'm sure there are expensive ones that are super-fast.

    16 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    Loved the review. One trick you might not have tried. You may have noticed when you drag-select OCR text from the item inspector, if you click on text itself, you actually grab a chunk of text rather than starting a text selection.

    You can drop this text chunk into any field, including Date and Amount fields (we'll try to find the right info, if necessary). So if OCR picked up the text, but analysis failed to put it in the right place, you're one drag/drop away from correction.

    Extra credit: drag multi-size text to the notes field. Note that we actually have simple rich-text formatting applied to the text. Helps keep it looking more like the source text.

    Disclaimer: I'm a NeatReceipts employee and the leader of the happy Mac crew (the one you interviewed at Macworld)

    16 years ago

    Hi Gary;
    Cool review and thank you for turning me on to NeatReceipts in the first place on your MacWorld review! I really love using it.

    I'm glad you mentioned that even e-mailed receipts or documents can be saved to NeatReceipts just as you would if clicking the print button.

    You can also edit and crop receipts or documents and cut out all the blank areas to save space on your hard drive quickly with the edit tool. I find this very useful with e-mail receipts like from the Apple Store, as most e-mail is just dead space with text in the center.

    MacMost & Gadget Fan!

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