New Features and Fixes Apple Needs To Bring To The Mac

Here's my list of simple software features that Apple needs to bring to macOS and apps. Many of these come from years of taking user questions and hearing the same requests over and over.

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    3 years ago

    Hi Gary -- Junk control in Mail is frustrating. It would be greatly improved if I could click a confirming button while in the Junk folder that would forever banish the sender to the Trash. I use Rules now, but why not make the process faster and more satisfying? Thanks for trying to engage Apple to work on user complaints.

    Howard Brazee
    3 years ago

    1. I so very much agree with you—I’d love to share my Photos App data completely between my iMac and my wife’s iMac. (We do have iCloud Family). I keep trying various synchronizing services.
    2. Big Sur should make it easier to sort mail (the way earlier versions do)
    3. I want to edit my health data on my Mac. It should be synchronized with all of my devices.
    4. I want my Mac to shut down at its set time even if it’s waiting for me to respond that it’s waiting to synchronize my iPad. If it

    James McCormick
    3 years ago

    In Excel and Word you can "Print Area" that has been highlighted. I have not found that capability with Numbers or Pages.

    3 years ago

    Users can't increase Reminders' font size on Macs & the current font size is extremely small.
    On IOS, the font is much bigger & easy to read.

    3 years ago

    I would like to see the ability to add words and names to the dictation feature (the mic beside the space bar). This is a feature that was in Dragon Dictate. You used to be able to 'train' the dictation software and, indeed, in Dragon Dictate you could enter or create specialist dictionaries to reflect your specialist concerns. And, if I was being really picky, I would like play back dictation to help with proof reading.

    3 years ago

    Will: You can do this. System Preferences, Accessibility, Voice Control, Vocabulary.

    Tom Walker
    3 years ago

    Here is one I and many others have been wishing for some time, for the iMac -- a backlit keyboard like the ones on the MacBooks.

    3 years ago

    I'd like to see Voice Control upgraded to where it actually works. At the moment it's like Dragon Dictate in the early versions, i.e. faster and far more accurate to just type the damn thing! I can't upgrade to Big Sur because Dragon Dictate 6.0.8 - the last released, and only feasible version that works properly, is problematic after Catalina, where I've got it working just fine now.

    3 years ago

    Would be nice if one could split a cell in Numbers.

    P. Deal
    3 years ago

    Thanks, Gary, for all your knowledge and how clearly you share it. My absolute pet peeve with IOS is that you cannot make a shortcut on the Home Screen for a setting. I wear hearing aids which function as my Bluetooth heardphones. I often must resync with blue tooth so have to go into settings to do it. I would love an easier way to make a shortcut app which seems so complex to use. I would be a happy camper if it was just a simple button on my Home Screen of my iPhone or iPad.

    3 years ago

    Rasto: In Numbers you can merge and unmerge cells, and there is even a Text to Columns option (although it's actually called Import Settings). Import Setting can split a column into multiple columns but that option is poorly implemented and awkward at best. This is something that I really wish Apple would fix.

    Carol Wardrop
    3 years ago

    I would like to name people in a photo. When I bought a new mac, the names appeared to be on another layer and moved from the original spot. I could not move the circles to their original spot to rename.

    3 years ago

    Dynamic pop ups is a must in Numbers.
    I use Numbers all the time and coming from an advanced Excel background would love to see Smart Catagories enhanced.
    At the moment it’s limited to rows. So for example you could ceate a category for Month and a category for Region within that. It would be so much more useful if one of those categories could be across the column heading. Creating a crosstab/pivot table look.

    3 years ago

    Not sure if this is just happening in my computer. and it may be too specific an example, but the Contacts app in Big Sur seems to add names and emails without me realizing it. I never have Siri turned on so it's not based on suggestions from Siri. If it's a bug I hope it gets fixed.

    3 years ago

    one thing is certain for me:
    I don't need a "new" version of the OS every year ...
    I would prefer Apple to fix existing bugs faster.
    By the way, IMHO, they can abandon FaceTime or else, it must be made cross-platform
    but I think it's too late ...
    Similarly for RSS feeds. There are other good applications.
    Concerning other apps, personally, I would like to be able to add Notes or Tags in Mail.

    3 years ago

    No specific request, but a comment about software « evolution ».
    Software get bloated by including every possible gimmick while useful features are taken out or dumbed down.
    This has generated a huge tutorial industry (no offense Gary).
    Precious time is lost to relearning everyday tools.
    Apple started out simple and user friendly.
    Big Sur is now harassing us with constant « allow access » popups.
    Remember this:

    Rick Grossman
    3 years ago

    I almost hesitate to say, but it is easier to make menu selections in Windoze:
    Alt-1st letter of menu
    letter highlighted
    Continue with work

    Remove hand from keyboard. Grab Mouse. Move mouse to exact spot (may require two moves).
    Move mouse down to the exact two mm of space.
    (If you have to go to a third level, carefully stay within the lines to move mouse over to the next level
    Move hand back to kayboard and place correctly

    3 years ago

    Rick: You can do that on a Mac too. The trigger is Control+F2 (or what you choose in System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts, Keyboard, "Move focus to the menu bar").

    Gordon Stallings
    3 years ago

    The People feature of Photos has become buggy since Apple added the option to store photos into iCloud. Now I have two and sometimes three different sets of photos of the same person under identical names and also the names are no longer alphabetized. Facial recognition seems to have been turned off, but I still need to be able to tag persons to their names so that I can locate all photos of a person.

    Barbara Hooper
    3 years ago

    In iPhoto I could caption photos and when I made a slideshow with those photos, the caption would stay with the photo. Now in Photos I have to use Markup to caption a photo in a slideshow, basically making me caption photos twice.

    Craig Miller
    3 years ago

    My suggestions are 1. A column browser view in TV app, same as in the old iTunes app. 2. Ability to lock cells in Numbers to prevent accidental edits. 3. Restore the calendar in control centre

    Alston Ray
    3 years ago

    1. Booting up an iMac — can Apple automatically direct the keyboard to the login window?
    2. Pages — the search window seems to work differently from other apps, and only successfully completes the search if the whole word is correctly typed with caps etc.

    Smith John
    3 years ago

    I would like to see smooth keyboard scrolling available in Safari.

    3 years ago

    I would like to see a "focus" or "writing" view in Pages. One click and all sources of distraction are gone (tool bars, menu bars, everything). All you have is text, like when writing on paper. Something like Nisus Writer Pro has. I'm not 100% sure, but I remember having that functionality in Pages 09 and it disappeared. It seems simple enough to bring it back. Do you remember if that feature was indeed included in Pages 09?

    3 years ago

    Thanks for the link to the video. True, I can get to an uncluttered view in several clicks, but my feature request is to be able to get to it in one click.

    Joe Pusai
    3 years ago

    I seem to have a tough time just doing a simple "move to" whenever I get a new file and want to put it into the appropriate file folder. I end up dragging it around over many folders and usually accidentally dropping it somewhere that I didn't mean to... and must then go searching for it. Am I missing something or is this another to be added to Apple fix list?

    3 years ago

    Joe: Try opening the destination in one Finder window and having that ready before you start dragging from another Finder window. If you having trouble with using the mouse or trackpad for such operations, you can always select the file, Command+C to copy it. Then go to the destination and Command+Option+V to move it there.

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