MacMost Now 211: New iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro

Apple releases new versions of all of its desktop machines: the iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro. Also new versions of the Airport Extreme, Time Capsule and Apple keyboard.

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    15 years ago


    Great video!

    At 3 minutes, it repeats the same thing twice, so you might want to reedit (two similar cuts on the new double antennas) :)

    Thanks :)

      15 years ago

      Yep. I see. That's the trade-off for getting a post like this up as quickly as possible. Mistakes will be made.

    15 years ago

    Also, it ends too soon - it suddenly just cuts of :)

      15 years ago

      Not seeing that.

    15 years ago

    Great video, thanks! So they're bringing back the Firewire? Damn, Apple is so weird. I was quite mad when they took the Firewire out of the MacBook (which I own), and now the bring it back? What's up with that, it's not fair! At least we don't have to pay extra for the keyboard with the Numeric Keypad. Yap, Apple is weird.

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