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Recent news, rumors, and notes of interest about Apple, Macs, iPhones, iPads and technology in general.


Apple has sent out invitations to a special event on October 30. This is most likely when Apple will announce new products, such as possibly a new iPad and new Macs. Among the many rumors being circulated are the a new iPad Pro and a new MacBook Air are on the way. Others speculate a new Mac mini as well. (more...)


In mMy, Apple set up a special site where users in the European Union could download all data associated with their Apple ID in order to comply with new EU laws. Now Apple has added more countries where this function is available. (more...)


The rumors are true. Adobe will be releasing a full-featured version of Photoshop for the iPad Pro. They announced this at their user conference and on their site. (more...)


A new article from CNBC may answer the question of what Apple is going to change for their new TV network content next year. It could simply be free, an added incentive to purchase an Apple TV, iPad or iPhone instead of the competition. (more...)


Apple released the first minor update to iOS 12 today, fixing two bugs. The new version is available as part of the software updates on iPhones and iPads with iOS 12. You can wait for the notification, or go to Settings, General, Software Update. (more...)


The companies that make up the Wi-Fi Alliance have revised the naming scheme that we all use to describe our Wi-Fi gadgets. The current top level, previously called 802.11ac will now simply be referred to as Wi-Fi 5. 802.11n is now Wi-Fi 4. Next year we will get a new standard with higher speeds called Wi-Fi 6, which was previously set to be called 802.11ax. (more...)


Three major universities today started allowing students to use their iPhone or Apple Watch as a student ID instead of a physical card. Students add the ID to their Apple wallet on their iPhone and can then access things like the dorms, library, lunch plans, and so on. (more...)


Apple has released new operating systems and new versions of major apps in the last few weeks, and today they also gave some love to users of their pro audio apps Logic Pro and MainStage. Logic gets Smart Tempo, multi-track stems and numerical editing for Alchemy parameter. MainStage gets text notes, new MIDI input functions and a better metronome. (more...)


There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for Mac users. There are Mission Control shortcuts, Finder shortcuts, system shortcuts, application shortcuts and more. Many you can find by just looking through the menu bar for that application. You can find system ones by looking in the System Preferences under Keyboard.


The new version of Mac’s operating system began to show up in the Mac App Store today for all users with Macs that are compatible. Apple has a page that lists which machines can use it and some basics about upgrading. (more...)