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Recent news, rumors, and notes of interest about Apple, Macs, iPhones, iPads and technology in general.


Almost all new cars today come with wireless key fobs instead of old-fashioned keys. An Apple patent, noticed by Apple Insider, details possible plans for replacing these devices with extra functionality of the iPhone. (more...)


A minor note in a prediction by TrendForce mentions that new iPhones coming later this year will allow the use of the Apple Pencil. Support for the Apple Pencil needs to be built into hardware of a device, and currently only recent iPad Pros and the new iPad from earlier this year support it. (more...)


Apple released new beta versions of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave today, and the much-anticipated group FaceTime feature was removed. This feature had been in previous betas, but MacRumors is reporting that beta release notes now state that this feature will ship in a future update later this fall. (more...)


Apple has offered the chance to trade in your old Mac, iPhone or iPad for credit for a while now. But now you can do so and get instant credit for the purchase of the new device at the very same time. (more...)


There are two interesting articles dealing with Apple Music and curation. Fast Company has an interview with Tim Cook in which he criticizes other services relying heavily on algorithms to suggest new music to users. At the same time, 9to5Mac reports that Apple has just added a new Friends Mix to Apple Music. (more...)


News & Notes: Apple Rethinks India

While Apple’s brand is successful in most countries, there is one place where Apple hasn’t fared so well: India. At first Apple had trouble even selling iPhones in India, as the law there requires them to manufacture some percentage of devices inside the country. Even though they are available now, the vast majority opt for cheaper Android phones. (more...)


For years now, financial analysts have been predicting that Apple would become the first company with a market valuation worth more than $1 trillion. That happened this week when the stock price topped $206/share.
Of course, this is just a number. By itself, it doesn’t mean anything. However, the fact that Apple is the first to cross this milestone does mean something. And that no other company has a market valuation that high also means something.
Tim Cook put the focus back on the reasons for growth, not the number itself: “Financial returns are simply the result of Apple’s innovation, putting our products and customers first, and always staying true to our values.” (more...)


Apple reported its best third-quarter results yet with a net profit of $11.5 billion. MacRumors has a good run-down of the numbers. As expected, services made up a good chunk of the revenue growth, with iPhone still being the majority from strong iPhone X sales. iPad and Mac still had respectable numbers, especially considering there were no new models. (more...)


A Japanese blog is reporting that the new iPads coming out later this year will feature smaller bodies and no headphone jack. Others have also reported that maybe new iPads will have a “notch” and no Home button like the iPhone X to allow the display to go to the edges. (more...)


Digital Trends has an interesting look at an Apple patent that shows MacBooks and iPads acting as inductive (wireless) chargers for iPhones and Apple Watches. You just stick one device on top of the other and it charges. But the headline they pull out of this patent is about a minor point where the MacBook appears to maybe have a touch screen. (more...)