Not Trombone, iPhone!

It didn’t take long before somebody turned an jailbroken iPhone and turned it into a musical instrument. Moo-Cow-Music did just that, in fact, they created not one but three virtual instruments for the iPhone: a Guitar, a drum, and a piano. The best part is that the applications are donation-ware. Call your friends on their iPhones and let ’em know you are getting the band back together. But you might have to get into a shred-off with the first all iPhone band, iBand. You can check out the iBand in this YouTube video.
But Moo-Cow-Music isn’t the only instrument maker out there, there’s also the open source Pocket Guitar from Shinya Kasatani. Here’s a picture of the elegant interface of the Pocket guitar:

pocket Guitar

But wait there’s more! If you were thinking that you were left out just because you play an instrument called the Gansa in a Balinese Gamelan orchestra, you’d be wrong. Just download a little app called Gangsa by Masayuki Akamatsu, who has a bunch of other handy iPhone apps including the perennial favorite iPhone electric shaver app.
It will be interesting to see,what’s going to happen to all the jailbroken iPhones and apps once the iPhone SDK is released, hopefully it will allow the developers to make more stable legitimate applications. Then let the battle of the iBands begin!

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    1/4/09 @ 7:30 pm

    That is very cool, thanks for posting this. I used to be a pretty good trombone player so I hope they add trombone as an instrument for the iPhone. There are so many great apps coming out for the iPhone. I was thinking of maybe making the switch to the Nokia 5800 but now that I can put the band back together again, I’ll have to reconsider!

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